Liquid Level

Non-Contact Radar for Liquids

Non-contact radar continuously measures a variety of liquids in all conditions, including challenging environments, aggressive materials, and sanitary applications. Non-contact radars are easy to setup and configure using the BinDisc interface and are compatible with the BinView® web application and Binventory® software for simple access to inventory data from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.


Ultrasonic sensors provide continuous, non-contact level measurement in bins, tanks, and silos or can detect material on conveyors. They emit sound above the human hearing range to detect echoes off a material surface and convert it to a distance using “time of flight.” They offer built-in temperature compensation and self-cleaning operation in liquids up to 90 feet and solids up to 40 feet.

Pressure Transducers

A pressure transmitters is used for liquid level measurement in both process and storage environments. It measures the amount of force on the sensor at a given depth and translates it to a level. Diverse models are available for external or submersible mounting, with a wide range of hazardous location approvals for use in water, wastewater, chemicals, and a variety of fuels.


BinMaster's magnetostrictive level sensors are continuous float level transmitters used in a wide variety of liquids. They are an ideal fit in rigorous applications requiring a heavy duty sensor with a simple setup and long lifespan. These sensors feature Class 1, Div 1 hazardous location certifications, and the sensor design allows monitoring of both top and interface levels with a single sensor, making it easy to measure oil and water interface levels inside production tanks.


Float Switches

Float switches can be used to help monitor liquid levels in small tanks or constrained spaces. These point level switches are commonly used for controlling pumps and activating alarms when a liquid level must be maintained to prevent overfilling or damage to the pump. They can also be used for simple level monitoring such as indicating when a tank is a certain percentage full.