Liquid Level

Non-Contact Radar for Liquids

Non-contact radar continuously measures a variety of liquids in all conditions, including challenging environments, aggressive materials, and sanitary applications. Non-contact radars are easy to setup and configure using the BinDisc interface and are compatible with the BinView® web application and Binventory® software for simple access to inventory data from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.


Ultrasonic sensors provide continuous, non-contact level measurement in bins, tanks, and silos or can detect material on conveyors. They emit sound above the human hearing range to detect echoes off a material surface and convert it to a distance using “time of flight.” They offer built-in temperature compensation and self-cleaning operation in liquids up to 90 feet and solids up to 40 feet.

Guided Wave Radar for Liquids

Guided wave radar provides highly accurate, continuous level measurement utilizing time domain reflectometry (TDR) for level and interface measurement in vessels and tanks containing liquids. It performs reliably in environments with steam, vapor, foam, condensation, or liquids prone to residual buildup.