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Bulk Inventory Management on a Phone or PC with BinCloud 

Revolutionize your operations with advanced bin management software and bulk material handling solutions. Measure silo volumes, monitor grain bins remotely, and stay informed with real-time inventory data. Data accuracy for liquids or solids is backed by BinMaster's precision radar sensors and continuous level transmitters.

Man holding BinCloud showing on a phone
Desktop version of BinCloud

Your feature-packed inventory management solution

Explore BinCloud®, a feature-packed cloud inventory software that guarantees security, flexibility, and easy setup.

Some of the powerful features are:

Alerts & Notifications: Stay informed in real-time with powerful alerts and notifications, allowing you to address critical inventory situations promptly.
Multiple-Site Management: See and sort every bin at every site.
Historical Data: Data-driven decision-making to optimize purchasing.
Reporting Tools: Track bulk materials by site, identify trends, automate reports.
Custom Roles: Tailor BinCloud® for a personalized, secure user experience.
Effortless Ordering: Streamline efficiency in your supply chain.

Experience BinCloud® - the secure, flexible, and user-friendly inventory management solution designed for any liquid or solid of any bulk density. Transform the way you manage inventory today!

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud.

Features of BinCloud® include real-time monitoring, automated alerts via text or email, and historical reporting. Software can be used to manage a single site or across multiple locations and accommodate hundreds of vessels.

Explore more or select an application below


Our most versatile solution 

With features for every industry, BinView has you covered. 


Feed inventory management built with help from livestock farmers, for livestock farmers   

Plan, track, and operate at your best with the tools only offered by FeedView. It gives you the ability to organize your data by barns and farms, track feed, monitor active and inactive feed or grain bins, and a lot more.

Great for feed mills, poultry farms, cattle and swine operations and many other similar industries.


A platform so robust, we use it ourselves 

We stand by our own products so much, we use them in our manufacturing facility. Garner Industries, BinMaster's parent company, produces and ships plastic injection molded parts around the globe and we track and manage our resin inventory completely on ResinView®


Designed for large commercial grain buyers and cooperatives   

Track your inventory at scale. Quickly seeing what you have on hand across multiple sites and locations is easy with AgriView® allowing you to time the market and make the most of commodity grain prices. Create custom users, and even grant access to vendors to make sure your grain operation operates smoothly with little to no downtime. 

AgriView® can be used to track inventory of field corn, soybeans, agrichemicals, fertilizer, and many other agricultural commodities.


Tools built just for the cement and ready-mix industry 

You rely on high productivity and efficiency to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Batch control is critical to quality control and waste reduction. With our CementView® software and powerful sensors you can stay on top of everything. 

With infrastructure spending on the rise, get your ready mix concrete and concrete construction business ahead of the competition. 


Keep pits and lagoons managed safely and efficiently with PitView®  

Keep your employees safer while having more data at your fingertips. Monitor your manure pits and lagoons to ensure they are maintaining safe levels, animal waste management has never been so simple. 

At its core, what's it do?

BinCloud takes data from sensors on your silos, bins, and vessels and displays it for you on any computer, tablet, or cell phone with internet access. As a user, you have full reign to customize how your data is displayed, and who can see it. Limit it to in-house employees, or give access to outside vendors. That is completely up to you. 

Keeps Employees Safe

Safety is a defining factor behind all BinMaster products. Protect your most valuable assets, your people, while automating your material and supply management by making sure they don't have to climb silos to check levels. 


Helps You Plan Ahead

Need to clean a silo or bin? Make a repair? Vacuum it out? With the ability to track levels you can be even better prepared to do just that. 

Keeps You Secure

Having no need to leave a secure building to go outside and check levels eliminates the risk of tracking in contaminates and wasted time.

Worried about data? Worry not with robust OAuth 2.0 end-user authentication to make sure that the only people who see your data are the ones you allow. 


Ensures Productivity

What's more unproductive than running out of material? Not a lot. With automated inventory tracking, keep your material and inventory at levels where you can be the most efficient, ensuring work can continue and no time or labor is wasted. 


Its only $60 a year to get all of your inventory per bin/sensor displayed on your phone, tablet, and PC.

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