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Inventory management software

puts real-time stock levels on a phone or PC. Improve accuracy, optimize purchasing, and put an end to manual tasks.

bincloud inventory management software running on laptop and tablet.

Get inventory data where and when you need it…

Level sensors automate measurement and inventory management software makes the data easy to access. BinMaster solutions make your current inventory accessible from a phone or PC. Anywhere, anytime.

Subscription-based service reduces labor expense

BinCloud® level sensor and software solutions eliminate the need to climb bins. It takes fewer people and less time to take inventory. Plus, inventory is never out-of-date, and everyone sees identical data. There’s no cost for software upgrades and only a small annual fee per sensor.

Binventory® as a local area network solution

Simplify inventory management with an all-inclusive PC-based software networked on your company’s local area network.  Get automated alerts, monitor inventory levels, and generate historical reports with a system that requires no special programming, added costs, or components.

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