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When material reaches a certain point…

A point level switch or point level indicator alerts when material stored in a vessel contacts the instrument. The switch is wired to an alarm, light, or control panel to alert of a high or low level or to start or stop a process.

Graphic showing two vessels wired to lights. The empty vessel light is green, the full vessels light is red. The color change is due to the point level sensor triggering.

High level indication allows processors to fill the vessel to capacity without causing an overfill.

Low level indication prevents dry runs, production delays or leaving an ingredient out of a batch process.

A point level indicator has a fast ROI by eliminating cleanup or contaminated material from an overfill, or wasted material that has not been batched to proper specifications.

Common point level measurement technologies include rotary level switches, capacitance probes, vibrating probes, rods, and forks, diaphragm switches, and tilt switches.

The high and low of point level measurement

Point level sensors are affordable. They often fall in an MRO budget and don’t require capital expense approval. They are easily bought online via credit card and shipped within a few days.

Compact and easy to wire, point level sensors can be installed incrementally in a few vessels at a time, without a huge investment in either time or money.

Point level sensors provide protection and redundancy in an inventory management system. They work in tandem with continuous level sensors and serve as a pre-alarm. This prevents overfills that cause material waste or damage to the vessel or other equipment in the vessel.

The difference between point and continuous level measurement

Point level switches alert when material reaches a certain point. Uses include high or low-level notification, spill or overfill prevention, or to start or stop a process due to a plugged chute, conveyor, or leg of a grain elevator.

Continuous level sensors measure changes in level as a vessel is filled or emptied during process operations. Software reports changes in level to indicate the status of material inventory. Dependent on the technology, continuous level sensors update in seconds or are programmed to take measurements at timed intervals, such as once an hour or several times per day.

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