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Is your material on good behavior?

Material management devices ensure or detect the behavior of solids or powders to ensure processes in your plant and supply chain runs efficiently.

Aeration devices promote material flow, flow detectors indicate flow or no-flow conditions, or get alerted to particulate levels by dust detectors.

flow detect device from BinMaster checking for product flow in a pipe.

Ensure material flows when it should, stops when it shouldn’t

BinMaster’s flow detection devices prevent material cross-contamination problems by using Doppler technology to communicate flow or no flow status to the user. The single-piece, non-intrusive, flush-mounted device offers non-contact operation to alert to the presence or absence of a flow stream.

Detect baghouse leaks before emissions are visible

Know when particulate exceeds present levels using Dust Detect 1000 particulate detector. Its integrated electronics and sensing probe measure dust levels and alert via an alarm relay or 4-20 mA output.  The DD-1000 baghouse leak detector installs in stacks, ducts, or pipes.

Prevent compaction in the cone and on vessel sidewalls

A bin aerator keeps powders and solids flowing so they don’t pack in hoppers, along bin walls, or in the cone of the vessel. An Airbrator combines aeration and vibration to address difficult material flow applications.

A diffuser air pad promotes material flow, prevents compaction, and encourages material to behave fluidly for easier handling.

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