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Plastics Industry Applications

Optimize inventory, increase turnover, and reduce carrying costs with a complete system that precisely and automatically reports the inventory of valuable resins. Level sensors monitor usage in resin silos in multiple silos, plants, and even countries. BinMaster’s advanced technologies accurately measure flakes, powders, granules, and regrind including low dielectric or dusty materials.

Managing resin inventory is a daunting task. Whether you are a resin manufacturer or molder the process and results of inventory management impacts every aspect of your business. Using manual inventory tracking procedures across different software and spreadsheets is time-consuming, redundant, and vulnerable to errors.


BinMaster can help you overcome the obstacles with a centralized inventory tracking system that is tailored to manage supply chain in the plastics and resin industry.

With BinMaster you get:

  • Consistent Tracking: Level sensors measure resin silos continuously around the clock.
  • Staff Efficiency: No manual measurement or climbing. Nothing left to human error.
  • Accurate Data: Know, at any given moment, how much resin you have.
  • Forecasting Demand: Usage reports by resin type to project and plan for customer needs.
  • Better Visibility: Know which location and which silo contains how much of which resin.
  • No Tedious Paperwork: No manual documentation or fallible, insecure processes.
  • Supply Chain Simplicity: It’s easier to keep up with shifting demand and unpredictable lead times.
  • Manage Silo Space: Control delivery timing and know you have space for incoming deliveries.
  • Improve Order Management: Use historical usage trends so you can satisfy your customers.
  • Prevent Overstocking: Don’t tie up money and storage space on slow-moving resins.
  • Scalable Software: Adaptable inventory management software for one to 1000s of silos.

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