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Digital tranformation in bulk inventory e-book

Digital tranformation in bulk inventory e-book
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Digital tranformation in bulk inventory e-book

Not long ago, bulk material management involved dirty clipboards, dangerous climbing, and long tape measures to determine grain, plastic, and cement levels in a bin or silo. Enter digital transformation which replaces antiquated processes using high-tech instruments like BinMaster level sensors and cloud software.

Digital transformation improves supply chain resilience, automation, accuracy, and efficiency, benefiting people effectively collaborating in a digital system.

BinMaster technology fits into the category of Internet of Things (IoT) which describes a wireless network of devices embedded with sensors for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data.IoT is automating manual tasksin the manufacturing industry.

IoT inventory sensors and software:
> Provide insights for data-driven decisions. Increase efficiency and drive down costs
> Shorten lead times for production
> Reduce carrying costs and last-minute purchases
> Reduces waste on bulk inventory that could spoil
> Integrates inventory data to Enterprise Resource Planning systems
> Streamlines transportation and timely ordering
> Requires less labor and guesswork


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