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Management Team

Scott McLain

President & CEO

Scott has been at the heart of Garner Industries since 1992, where he started with his boots-on-the ground in sales doing trade shows. Investing in every functional over three decades, under Scott’s leadership BinMaster has grown exponentially. In 2001 he oversaw the purchase of a 32-acre plot and building of a 75,000 square foot facility. Then in 2017, he drove a 40,000 square foot addition to keep up with business demands. A graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University, Scott is deeply engaged in customer relations, the quality management system, and ensures the plant and its people have what is needed to grow.

Scott Hudson

Executive VP Sales & Marketing

Scott has worn many hats at BinMaster since he joined us in 2015. Sales, marketing, customer service, product development, technical support, and software programmers are just a smidge of what Scott influences every day. A background in engineering and power, coupled with a BS in chemical engineering and an MBA from University of Nebraska-Lincoln topped with service in the US Marine Corp readied him for battle at BinMaster. A self-proclaimed geek, Scott enjoys gaming on the big screen with his family.

Don Wademan


Not only chief bean counter, Don leads the IT and HR teams for Garner and BinMaster. Don joined Garner in 2016 armed with an artillery of experience in public accounting, and private and public company operations management. He’s taken his teams and the company to new heights in ERP systems and global IT security. He’s known for jumping through hoops to get things done, even while playing on the basketball court.

Jenny Christensen

VP of Marketing

Jenny takes pride in making salespeople successful, while having fun doing it. She joined Garner in 2008 after embarking on a journey of senior level positions in CPG, B2B, B2C and B2G marketing for private and public companies. A BS in business from Bryant University, an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management, agency and client-side experience, and her never-ending appetite for learning give BinMaster a marketing edge. She loves to horse around, garden, and cook up new ideas.

Robert Williams

HR Director

Bob has helped build our business by connecting Garner with the right people. He creates a culture where people can participate, grow, and thrive. Since 2017, Bob has headed the human resource function where he recruits, onboards, and trains BinMaster talent. He administers the all-important HR systems, health, and 401K benefits, plus the fun stuff like wellness programs and company events. Bob’s formal studies include a Bachelor’s degree in HR Management, a Master’s in management, and SPHR certificate. His informal studies take him cycling outdoors or on his Peloton and experiential traveling domestically and abroad.

Conrad Woerner

Supply Chain Manager

In 2017, BinMaster got lucky when Conrad joined the Garner team. His calm demeanor comes in handy as he leads our team of supply chain and logistics professionals who manage procurement of over 3,0000 in-stock parts and have shipped BinMaster products to over 80 countries. His 40+ years of experience in managing purchasing keeps BinMaster’s customers happy and manufacturing operations up and running smoothly. Speaking of running, as an avid athlete, Conrad has run in 5 Boston marathons.

Sales Team

Nathan Grube

VP Sales - Central Region

Nathan joined BinMaster in 2001, he has over 20 years of experience in bulk solid inventory system sales. His territory covers Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Mike Mossage

VP Sales - Eastern Region

Mike joined Garner/BinMaster in 2002. His territory covers Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Scott Bonine

Regional Sales Manager - Midwest

Scott joined BinMaster in 2010. He has over 24 years of expertise educating customers and distributors on BinMaster sensors and software. His territory covers Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, and Ontario.

Rich Tavis

VP Sales - Southeast Region

Rich joined BinMaster in 2020, holds more than 20 years of experience in bulk solid and liquid inventory sensors and software. His territory covers Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina.

Luis Anton

Sales - Central & South America, Caribbean

Luis joined BinMaster in 2017. Our Spanish-speaking voice to customers, Luis covers countries south of the U.S. border including the Caribbean, Mexico, Central, and South America.

Matt Virgillito

Sales - International

Matt joined Garner/BinMaster in 1998. His territory covers all countries in outside of North and South America. He serves Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Bob Bonebright

Sales - Northwest

Bob joined BinMaster in 2018. His territory covers Northern California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Utah.

Seth Korte

Sales - Southwest

Seth joined BinMaster in 2021 in the marketing department. Now he serves customers in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Southern Nevada.

Shipping Team

Toby Baker

Distribution Supervisor

Toby supervises distribution, orders and shipments. He receives incoming shipments of materials and merchandise verifying those orders match the paperwork. Toby heads efforts to prevent damage and uses special software to communicate these goals to production departments.

Jeff Delaney

Warehouse Associate

Jeff ensures your orders are staged and ready for delivery as quickly as possible. He carefully packs, ships and works with multiple carriers to expedite delivery. At BInMaster, warehouse people are an active partner with our quality department to ensure products are packed and move through the shipping process damage-free.

Rick Pelowski

Warehouse Associate

Rick ensures your orders are staged and ready for delivery as quickly as possible. He carefully packs, ships and works with multiple carriers to expedite delivery. At BInMaster, warehouse people are an active partner with our quality department to ensure products are packed and move through the shipping process damage-free.

Customer Service Team

Deb Baxter

Customer Service Supervisor

Doug Hartzell

Engineering Manager

Emmett Baker

Technical Services Manager

Taylor Norquest

Technical Support

Jake Harder

Technical & Customer Support

Mike Cradit

Product Developer

Tyler Strop

Technical Support

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