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Specific Gravity

spe·cif·ic grav·i·ty

Specific gravity tank

What is Specific Gravity?

Compaction, moisture, density, and weight impact the volume of liquid, or slurry, or solids in a tank. Specific gravity is often measured to determine the total volume accurately.

Why does specific gravity matter?

  • Blending operations rely on accurate ratios.
  • Engineers consider specific gravity of solids and liquids to ensure vessel integrity and its ability to withstand weight and pressure.
  • Level readings and specific gravity can help calculate mass, or weight of material.
  • By comparing specific gravity of a material to water, a consistent measurement can be obtained.

It determines buoyancy and material purity.

Download the Specific Gravity Chart to find out!


NCR-86 - Top of the line radar sensor. Rugged. Accurate. Measures liquids, powders, solids.


CNCR Compact Radars big on performance measuring 25-98 feet. Bluetooth setup. 


Density of material can increase with depth in the silo or tank due to compaction. This does not change specific gravity of material, but it does change bulk density. BinMaster considers bulk density to determine the best continuous and point level sensors for your application.

Best practice: Discuss bins, silos, tanks, and materials with a BinMaster expert. We customize a system specificially for your operation and then deliver data through BinCloud software designed to calculate sizes, material, levels and density.


Quality Control: Specific gravity is a tool to assess purity and composition of liquids. Deviations in values can indicate spoilage, impurities, or variations in the composition of the material.

Process Optimization: In manufacturing, specific gravity helps optimize formulations and concentrations of solutions to achieve product characteristics.

Density Adjustment: Specific gravity is utilized to adjust the density of liquids in production of paints, coatings, and chemical solutions.

Safety: Understanding the specific gravity matters for safe handling, storage, and transportation, especially in industries dealing with hazardous chemicals.

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