Extended Mini Capacitance Probe

Model: MCP-300

Extended Mini Capacitance Probe: Point Level Detection for Liquids

MCP-300 is a compact sensor available with stainless steel tube extensions from 2.5” to 39.0” long.

Need a small capacitance probe in a custom length? Want to detect flooding in a pump room? Have an FDA requirement?

Custom compact probes for hygienic or ordinary uses.

Versatile point level detection.

  1. Pump Room. Protect pumps against water damage caused by water leaks
  2. Brewery. Maintain proper levels in foamy hops and wort tanks
  3. Dairy Cultures. Fermentation processes during making of yogurt, kefir, butter, and cheeses
  4. Foodstuffs. Metering level of coagulants or enzymes added to milk when making cheese

Features that make the MCP-300 special.

Tube extensions. 2.5”, 3.9”, 5.9”, 7.9”, or 9.8” lengths or a custom length up to 39.0".

LED status light. Color changes based upon sensor status.

Hygienic design. Fittings and connectors for simple sanitation

FDA approvals. Use in food, beverage, or pharmaceutical production

Get The MCP-300 made to a custom length perfect for your process!


Pump Room

  • Protect pumps against water damage caused by water leaks
  • Detects flooding and alerts when water reaches the level of the sensor

Beer Making

  • Prevents overfilling and ensures the proper level and pressure while cooking hops and wort in the wort tank
  • FDA approvals and hygienic fittings for food-grade use
  • Measures reliably despite foam, condensation, and solids present during process

Milk Cultures

  • Point level detection in vessels used for starting dairy cultures
  • Used in production of yogurt, kefir, butter, and cheeses
  • Sensor immune to heating, cooling, and fermentation cycle changes

Food Storage

  • Monitoring levels in dry ingredient tanks and hoppers
  • Metering level of coagulants added to milk when making cheese
  • Ensuring adequate levels of rennet enzymes in cheese vats to ensure thickening
  • Stainless steel extensions in custom lengths from 2.5” to 39.0”
  • Colorful 360° LED, status display with adjustable coloration
  • IO-Link connection and wireless Bluetooth setup 
  • Optional explosion-proof and hygiene approvals
  • Hygienic ½” NPT, ¾” NPT, and 1” NPT stainless steel fittings
  • Simple setup via Bluetooth and M12 plug in connector
  • Easily integrated into PLCs and existing control systems using IO link communication

Process temperature: -40° to 239°F (-40° to 115°C)

Process pressure: -1 to 25 bar (14 to 362 psi)

Materials, wetted parts: 316L Stainless Steel, PEEK

Threaded connection: ½” NPT, ¾” NPT, 1” NPT

Seal material: EPDM, FKM

Protection rating: IP66/IP67, IP69

Output: IO-Link, NPN/PNP Transistor

Ambient temperature: -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)

Foodstuffs/Pharma Approvals:  FDA

Programming: Phone, tablet, or PC via Bluetooth

Display: Backlit LED with programmable coloration

Document No.
925-0403 Rev 0