CementView® leverages the power of the latest level sensor technology and a simple Cloud-based software to reduce material shortages and production stoppages. It makes monitoring inventory contained in silos and storage tanks a faster, safer, and less tedious task. CementView® ensures you know how much material is in each vessel which is critical to processing operations. It does away with unwanted inventory discrepancies that create production headaches and negatively impact profitability.

How CementView™ Benefits Plants

  • Know how many truckloads of a given material will fit in a silo
  • Improve visibility of inventory for central dispatch
  • Eliminate climbing silos and dropping tape measures
  • Optimize scheduling for raw and finished materials
  • Visibility of multiple locations to optimize delivery routing
  • Streamline logistics between the cement plant, batch plants, and suppliers
  • Real-time inventory so that plants can plan and meet material demands for daily deliveries
  • Used in planning to set priorities, reduce out-of-stocks, and eliminate delivery emergencies
  • Providing dispatchers visibility of inventory at all sites to improve coordination of deliveries
  • Helping with routing drivers to the silos and plants with the most critical needs
  • Help prevent messy overfills and unwanted cleanup by ensuring the entire load will fit in the silo
  • Measuring sand, aggregates, cement, flyash, liquid additives, chemicals, process or wastewater stored in any type of vessel
  • Compatible with non-contact radar level sensors which are highly accurate, fast updating, and dust-penetrating
  • Data can be viewed, shared, and exchanged among plant managers, purchasers, suppliers, dispatchers, and drivers
  • Users can sort vessels by location, material, or alert status
  • Automatically calculates how many trucks it takes to fill or empty a silo
  • Visual charts and downloadable reports can be used to detect trends, monitor material usage, and forecast material needs
  • Historical tracking feature provides the information needed to forecast storage requirements for future projects
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