Software for Agriculture: Grain, seed, fertilizer, feed

Software-as-a service web application designed for agricultural cooperatives, seed companies, and suppliers of fertilizers and agricultural chemicals.

Tired of climbing grain bins? Need to know how much headspace in a bin? Short staffed looking for an easier way?

AgriView automates the way you manage inventory.

A simple 2-step solution.

  1. Level Sensors. Non‐contact radar, SmartBob, or battery-powered laser level sensors install simply, while wireless devices and gateways cut the cost of installation.
  2. Software. A Cloud-based web application with real-time levels, QuickViews, truckload information, and automated text or email alerts to a phone, iPad, or PC.

More about AgriView.

QuickViews: A real-time visual of your bins, colored-coded red, yellow, and green by alert status.

Truckloads: Know how many truckloads will fit in a bin or how many trucks it takes to empty it. Use it for railcars, too.

Sensors for solids and liquids: Measure grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, or fuels. For bins, tanks, silos, any storage vessel.

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  • Grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, or chemical inventory
  • One or multiple locations on one software
  • Quickly unload grain trucks into bins at harvest
  • Know when a bin is full to prevent overfills
  • Drivers, managers, purchasers can view bin levels
  • Project needs of chemicals, fertilizers, or fuels
  • Bin and tanks levels on a phone, iPad or PC
  • Automated text and email alerts for high or low levels
  • Reports truckload capacity remaining in a bin or tank
  • Push-button reports exported to excel or PDF
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