SmartBob is a proven, highly reliable, and accurate inventory management system for monitoring the level of powders and bulk solids for one or an entire network of bins, tanks, and silos. SmartBob options include models for high or super-high temperatures, measuring submersed solids, wireless communications, and compatible consoles and Binventory software for monitoring data. 

SmartBobII Remote

Model: SBR II

SmartBob2 offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today–with the ability to manage from one to 255 bins of heights up to 150 feet.

SmartBob SS for Submersed Solids

Model: SBR II SS

The SmartBob SS is a proven solution for brine tanks and measuring the level of solid materials below a liquid surface. 

SmartBob AO with Analog Output

Model: SBR II AO

With a built-in 4-20 mA output and integrated keypad, the SmartBob AO level sensor automatically transmits data to a PLC each time it takes a measurement. 

SmartBob MultiBob System

Model: SBR II MB

Used with eBob software, the MultiBob inventory management system averages measurement data from two to 32 SmartBob sensors on a single vessel for more detailed data about material topography in a bin. 

SmartBob for High Temperatures

Model: HT

The SmartBob II HT (high temperature) remote option is for applications where the process temperature is between 240°F and 500°F.

SmartBob HM for Side Mounting

Model: SBR II HM

An innovative version of BinMaster's proven SmartBob level sensor, the SmartBob HM–for horizontal mount–can be used when it is not possible to install the sensor on the top of the bin.

BinCloud® Platform for Inventory Management

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud.


Compatible with an array of BinMaster and other Modbus sensors, the web-based BinView® application allows for easy remote inventory monitoring of multiple vessels at multiple locations. 

Binventory® (eBob) Software

With real-time data from a variety of sensors, Binventory® software helps you safely and effectively manage inventory levels for up to 255 vessels. 

Control Console

This compact, push-button console provides walk up or drive up level monitoring for SmartBob, non-contact or guided wave radar, and sensors with Modbus output.

Analog Expansion Console

The C-50 analog expansion console provides multiple 4-20 mA outputs enabling monitoring of multiple SmartBob sensors from a single C-100 SmartBob control console.

Wireless Transceiver

BinMaster's wireless transceivers provide two-way data communication between bin-mounted SmartBob remotes and the control source on the ground.

SmartBob Pipe Extensions

This accessory attaches to the 3" NPT SmartBob II mount to extend the SmarBob seat through a standoff pipe or obstructions. 

Glass Bob Sensor

The glass bob sensor probe is specifically designed for measuring the level of silica sand—commonly referred to as frac sand—in bins, tanks or silos.

Teflon Spike Sensor

This SmartBob sensor probe is specifically adapted with a Teflon coating to prevent buildup in sticky powder or solid applications.