Rotaries are a common point level indicator used for high-, mid- and low-level material detection in bins, tanks, and silos. Rotaries are wired to a horn, alarm or light panel to send an alert when material reaches the desired level. BinMaster's standard and fail-safe rotaries can be fit with a wide assortment of paddles and mounting plates, plus a compact mini-rotary is offered for constrained spaces. Extended rotaries for top mounting applications for high level detection, extensions for side mounting through thick bin walls, and stainless steel process connections for corrosive material ensure BinMaster has the right rotary for challenging applications.

Standard Rotary Level Indicator

Model: BMRX

The BMRX rotary paddle bin level indicator alerts operators when bins are full without the rigors and risks associated with climbing and continuously checking bin levels.

Fail-Safe Rotary Level Indicator

Model: MAXIMA+

The MAXIMA+ is BinMaster’s most advanced rotary level indicator featuring a complete fail-safe system that alerts to the loss of power, failure of the motor, or failure of the electronics.

Mechanical Rotary Level Indicator

Model: BMR-100

The BMR-100 is an affordable level switch to alert to vessel levels in solid materials with a bulk density of 2 lb. to over 100 lb./cu. ft.


Model: MR

The economical and compact mini-rotary is designed for controlling material levels in smaller bins and hoppers where other types of equipment simply won't fit.

Vertical Rotary for High Level Detection

Model: BMRX or MAXIMA+

Vertical rotary extensions allow users to set top-mounted roataries to specific headroom requirement up to 144 inches.

Horizontal Rotary Extension for Thick Bin Walls

Model: BMRX or MAXIMA+

The horizontal rotary extension allows users to install a rotary on the side of a bin wall, such as those in concrete silos, up to 12” thick.

Stainless Steel Process Connection for Corrosive Materials

Model: BMRX or MAXIMA+

BinMaster’s optional stainless steel process connection—for BMRX or MAXIMA+ rotaries—features a fully stainless steel design to work in corrosive applications. 

Flexible Rotary Extension for Lump Materials

Model: 316 SS and 316 SS with FDA Nylon Coating

A flexible rotary shaft extension is used to detect high levels in bins containing rock, aggregates, coal, ores, or other lump materials. 

Heat Tubes for High Temperature Applications

Model: BMRX or MAXIMA+

This optional heat tube is used to distance a rotary unit's electronics away from a heat source when the external temperature outside the bin exceeds 140°F (60°C).

Adjustable Top Mount Rotary

Model: 416-0641

The adjustable top mount rotary features an adjustable coupling that can be moved up and down the length of the shaft to accommodate differing materials levels in the bin or silo. 

Collapsible Rotary Paddle

Model: GRP-34, GRP-35, GRP-36, GRP-37

Single and double-blade collapsible rotary paddles offer a unique solution that allows installation without the need to enter a bin. 

Point Level Alarm Panel

Model: Annunciator

Consolidating information at a convenient centralized location, the point level alarm panel is capable of monitoring and alerting to high and low status for two to 12 separate vessels. 

Quick Disconnect

Model: 7/8" and M12 Male and Female Connectors

Quick Disconnect is specially designed to replace hard wiring, making it quick, easy, and affordable to install and remove sensors for cleaning, maintenance, repair, or replacement.