Guided Wave Radar

Guided wave radar provides highly accurate, continuous level measurement utilizing time domain reflectometry (TDR) to measure the distance, level, and volume of material contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It performs reliably and is immune to dust, humidity, temperature, pressure, and bulk density changes as well as noise that might be present when filling or emptying the vessel.

Guided Wave Radar with Modbus RTU

Model: GWR-2000

The GWR-2000 guided microwave level transmitter with Modbus provides continuous level measurement in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of ±  0.08 inches (2mm).

Binventory® (eBob) Software

Model: Version 5.3

With real-time data from a variety of sensors, Binventory® software helps you safely and effectively manage inventory levels for up to 255 vessels. 



Compatible with an array of BinMaster and other Modbus sensors, the web-based BinView® application allows for easy remote inventory monitoring of multiple vessels at multiple locations.