Diaphragm Switch

A diaphragm—or pressure—switch works by activating a sensitive micro-switch when material reaches the level of the switch in the bin. It sends an alert that can be used to start or stop a process or alert to a high, medium or low-level in the vessel. Commonly used in grain, feed, seed or other granular material, BinMaster diaphragm switches are offered for either internal or external mounting can be wired to a light, horn, alarm, or BinMaster point level alarm panel to indicate an alert status.


Standard Diaphragm Switch

Model: BM45

The BM45 standard diaphragm switch is a pressure switch used for high or low level alerts in bins containing non-hazardous, free-flowing dry materials.

Diaphragm Switch for Hazardous Locations

Model: BM65

The BM65 diaphgragm switch is UL Class II, Groups E, F & G explosion-proof certified and can be used in environments where there is a risk of combustible dust.

Plugged Chute Detector

Model: BM65-FHPC and BM65-RHPC

BinMaster's plugged chute detector is a pressure switch designed to alert when a chute becomes clogged with material.

Basic Diaphragm Switch

Model: BM-25

The BM-25 diaphragm switch is a no-frills pressure switch for high or low-level alerts in bins containing non-hazardous, free-flowing dry materials.

Point Level Alarm Panel

Model: Annunciator

Consolidating information at a convenient centralized location, the point level alarm panel is capable of monitoring and alerting to high and low status for two to 12 separate vessels.