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Easily Monitor Tanks, Pressure, Truckloads with BinCloud

Easily Monitor Tanks, Pressure, Truckloads with BinCloud
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Easily Monitor Tanks, Pressure, Truckloads with BinCloud

BinCloud® takes your inventory in bins, tanks, or silos and organizes it in one simple software. It does away with climbing vessels, manual measurements, and spreadsheets. Instead, get one login to view current levels, place orders, and generate reports. New features in BinCloud make inventory management increasingly easier, intuitive, and convenient.

The platform enables LNG and NH3 tank monitoring. Any entity buying or selling liquid commodities can remotely monitor liquid propane, anhydrous ammonia, or other liquid tanks using R3D sensors using API integration software. Plants using pressurized vessels in industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and oil and fuel can use BinCloud® to monitor tank pressure. CRUD functionality allows users to create, read, update, and delete readings from pressurized tanks.

Custom BinCloud application, can be used to manage truckload deliveries. Users can create trucks and program the volume of material they hold. Drivers and dispatchers can easily determine how many trucks of material are needed and optimize schedules and prevent overfilling.

BinCloud integrated ordering lets you create and place orders by site, vendor, vessels, material, and amount. Vendors, and the materials they provide, are set up in the user interface and orders are placed directly from the software. View order history by vendor, material, delivery date, and more. Units of measurement can be set to metric measurements. View inventory data in either English (imperial) or metric units, whichever is your company’s or country’s standard unit of measurement. BinCloud stores data securely for report generation. You can export historical measurement data by a specific date range. Choose the columns of data you want and export reports to Excel.

BinCloud isn’t limited to liquids and tanks. With the right sensors, BinCloud can create real-time, graphical reports for everything from coffee beans to plastics and powder. Do you handle all of the above, ask a BinMaster sales rep about integrating all your bulk products on one, easy-to-use platform, whether you use BinMaster sensors or not.

Easy Monitor-BinView App Organizes Tanks, Pressure, Trucks

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