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Rock Solid Solutions

Manage material from lump coal, ores, and aggregates to bauxite and gypsum to very fine alumina powder. Actively and continuously measure levels in storage silos, crushers, or on conveyor belts in extraction or production operations with accurate, real-time inventory data to a control room, computer, or phone.

Mining companies face long delays getting new equipment and transporting shipments due to supply chain problems. Labor shortages and increased demand for raw materials and metals further stress mines facing inflationary operating and transportation costs.


A BinMaster system helps miners make the most of what they have.

  • Get an integrated approach to inventory across all locations
  • Use automated inventory alerts instead of people to fill and empty storage containers
  • Know which commodities are available for processing and shipping
  • Predict safety stock requirements to help out the procurement team
  • Prevent out-of-stocks of commonly needed minerals
  • Control freight costs by optimizing truckloads, shiploads, and railcar capacity
  • Ensure there is adequate space for inbound shipments
  • Better manage on-site storage to prevent bottlenecks and disruptions
  • Ensure you do not run out of space and have to stop production
  • Get an overview of what is stored at each location by material
  • Vertically integrate your supply chain network by sharing inventory data

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