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Real-time bulk material inventory for cement

Scheduling trucks and deliveries is more challenging than ever before. Managers, plant operators, dispatchers, and drivers all need to be on the same page. CementView, paired with level sensors, tracks aggregates, cement, clinker, sand, fly ash, and additives. BinMaster continuous and point-level sensors measure silos, hoppers, and bins. Real-time measurements constantly update on your phone or PC. Cement sensors streamline inventory replenishment, slash carrying costs, and give employees unparalleled visibility.

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Alleviate supply chain challenges

Improve companywide operational surveillance 

Plants located miles apart send inventory data to CementView for viewing on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Measure through dusty material

Measuring dusty bulk material is a challenge unless operators choose non-contact sensors like BinMaster radars. Radars ignore dust to accurately read material levels.

Streamline delivery schedules

Dispatchers can face nightmares with cargo pickups from various locations and delivery hubs combined with restricted truck times.

Control expenses

Get a better handle on expenses, from inventory procurement to fuel and the distribution of concrete at multiple construction sites.

cement plant

 Portland Cement 

This fine cement powder is produced by heating limestone and clay minerals in a kiln to form clinker, grinding the clinker, and adding gypsum and other additives to produce cement.

 Precast Plant 

Precast plants cast, compact, and cure concrete in reusable molds, beds, or forms to make blocks, panels, steps, beams, pillars, and other premade components for construction.

 Bagging Plants 

AKA as a cement packing plant or cement rotary packer, is a facility that bags cement and other powdery materials such as Quikrete® or Sakrete® for retail sale.

  Ready Mix Plants 

A batch plant combines raw materials including sand, water, aggregate, and cement, to create ready-mix concrete. CementView ensures an on-hand inventory of ingredients for proper batching.

 Concrete Terminals 

Cement terminals store, transfer, and distribute cement. They serve as temporary storage and railcar or truck distribution hubs between the cement mill and ready mix plants.

Tackle Cement Supply Change Problems

Truckload management: Manage inventory and deliveries by truckloads to ensure timely replenishment.

Dynamic cement market: Cement prices and availability can fluctuate, impacting project budgets and timelines.

Material shortages: Depleted cement supply can halt construction progress. BinMaster mitigates the risk of material scarcity.

How Digital Bulk Inventory Benefits Cement 

Navigate supply chain hurdles: Overcome logistical complexities and ensure uninterrupted schedules.

Streamline documentation: Say goodbye to manual paperwork, spreadsheets, and unreliable processes.

Supply chain optimization: Stay agile amid changing project demands and uncertain lead times.

CementView software

Equipment Monitoring

From dry mix concrete plants to central mix concrete, BinMaster sensors measure material in a silo and deliver data to bulk cement inventory software called CementView.

Monitor Conveyors

Cement manufacturing plants can monitor for overloaded or empty conveyors using non-contact radar level sensors or tilt switches. Some indicators can be set to turn off conveyors preventing overfills.

Truck & Railcar Scheduling

Transit mixers are the heart of any cement operation. BinMaster systems can estimate the number of truckloads of material on hand, helping to optimize scheduling of deliveries and drivers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Visibility of materials can lead to automated processes like vendor managed inventory. Share CementView with suppliers and provide rules for ordering materials.

Batch Control, Flow

Point level sensors like rotaries or vibrating rods detect high or low levels in silos. Flow detect alerts to flow or no flow conditions in feeders and conveying systems.

BinMaster's inventory system for the concrete industry streamlines material procurement and control. Amp up safety measures and master supply chain coordination, yielding solid returns on investment and continous inventory tracking.

How does CementView benefit bulk material management?

Estimating the right number of transit mixers and haulers needed for a project can be a logistical headache. BinMaster lays out the data you need to make savvy calls, slash setbacks, and boost timely deliveries.

What are the top perks of inventory management software?

Streamline tracking of aggregates, cement, admixtures, and additives

Forecast material demands to keep the mix flowing

Monitor stock levels across single or multiple sites and bins

Effortless exports of reports to Excel or PDF

Continuously monitor remaining mixer capacity in a bin or tank

How does CementView benefit my operation?

Real-time inventory updates on any device

Automatic alerts via text or email for high or low levels.

Preemptive warnings when a silo hits capacity to prevent spills

Fine-tuned delivery schedules and savings on logistics

Drivers, supervisors, & procurement teams synced with the same data

plant operator on CementView
Plant operator near silo

Custom software for the cement industry



An automated inventory management system tailored to the cement, concrete, and construction industries to help you order, store, process, and ship materials more efficiently.


Ideal for any processing industry that wants inventory to be up-to-date and accurate, with everyone sharing the same information and reporting.

Continuous & Point Level Sensors for Measuring Concrete Ingredients

Videos for cement & concrete operations

Vendor managed inventory lets companies share BinCloud data with plant operators and suppliers. Reduce administrative costs and buy bulk material at optimal pricing levels.

NCR-86 non-contact radar is perfect for dusty silos containing bulk material for production. Measures up to 393 feet and in high temperatures.

Compact non-contact radar tackles vessels up to 98 feet tall and features Bluetooth setup. Measure "tall and small" silos with great accuracy.

Multiple locations and silos are not a problem for BinCloud software. Get all your material site reports in one application on your phone or PC.

Learn how sensors and software are suited for your operation to enhance safety and boost your return on investment.


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