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Cement Relationships

You rely on high productivity and efficiency to reduce costs and increase profit margins. Batch control is critical to quality control and waste reduction. BinMaster’s heavy duty level sensors excel in dust and stand up to cement, sand, gypsum, gravel, clinker, and limestone. Optimize your operations with a complete solution for streamlining your supply chain and real-time inventory monitoring.

Supply chain automation incorporating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the cement industry is evolving quickly. New software, wireless devices, and IoT technologies are revolutionizing where and how people manage inventory and logistics.


BinMaster helps alleviate supply chain and logistics challenges

Get supply chain visibility:

Spread across towns, states, or continental geographies, cement manufacturers get a smarter way to improve operational surveillance.

Streamline delivery schedules:

Dispatchers can face a nightmare of cargo pickups from various locations and delivery hubs combined with restricted truck times.

Reduce labor requirements:

Do more with fewer people when you automate plant operations and optimize profitability by saving time and meeting deadlines.

End-to-end transparency:

Streamline procurement, inventory sourcing, and distribution to all channel partners in the chain when faced with a rise in customer demand.

Control expenses:

Get a better grip on managing operating expenditures from inventory procurement to fuel and the distribution of finished goods.

Be better faster:

Perform routine tasks with greater speed and accuracy, make snap decisions based on predictive analytics.

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