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Energy for the Future 

Renewable energy is transforming the way we think about our planet and the environmental impact of power production. Large ethanol producers need accurate inventory management and level detection for corn, DDGS, and CDO. Wood pellet plants and biomass processors seek technologies to measure wood fibers and forest residues. Biodiesel requires measurement of vegetable oils and animal fats.

BinMaster has level sensors to measure biomass and biofuels in tanks, silos, piles, chutes, hoppers, or on conveyors. Then we supply the inventory management software to keep your operation running optimally and make your job easier. Our Lincoln, Nebraska based team has outfitted many plants and can help you address many challenges.


Extremely large bins:

Ethanol plants boast some of the largest binssome are 1 to 2 million bushels. BinMaster has the technology to measure inventory in them accurately.

Record keeping:

Reporting compliance can be simplified using inventory reporting functions output to spreadsheets or PDF reports for specified time periods.

Increased demand:

Global pressures on fossil fuels are opening doors for lower-carbon alternatives. Scalable solutions make it easier for plants to keep up.

Inventory of DDGS and CDO:

Dried distiller grains and corn distillers oil are major coproducts of ethanol production. Sales of these valuable byproducts can boost revenues for ethanol plants.

Diverse materials:

From hog fuel to wood chips, to pulp, and pellets, BinMaster offers sensors suited to measure a wide range of materials in bins and hoppers or on conveyors.

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