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BinView® is your cloud based inventory management software
Transform the way you work using one software for everyone with everything you need to stay on top of inventory.

Oh, so simple

Remote monitoring via phone, tablet, or PC
24/7 monitoring anywhere there's internet access
Accurate bin level measurements update automatically
Wireless gateways reduce wiring & simplify installation
Highly scaleable for one or many vessels for one or multiple locations
Eliminates manual monitoring to save time and enhance safety
Historical reporting optimizes purchasing and logistics

Inventory management anywhere, anytime

BinView® is a Cloud application and SaaS inventory system for on-site or remote inventory monitoring of solids or liquids in tanks, bins, or silos. It is compatible with most BinMaster continuous level sensors as well as other sensor brands with a 4 -20 mA analog output or Modbus RTU.

Featuring automated alerts and a real-time inventory data display, BinView® makes it easy to manage multiple vessels at multiple locations on an inventory management dashboard.  BinView® provides an intuitive user interface optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

BinView keeps your data safe and secure. Administrator controls let you specify user privileges, allowing multiple users, suppliers, or vendors to access information—while securing against unauthorized changes to the system.

Who is BinView for?

BinView inventory management software can be used by any industry that wants to improve supply chain management with a user friendly, affordable inventory management solution. It’s ideal for companies using vendor managed inventory or lean inventory management. It is appropriate for measuring the level of bins, tanks, or silos containing bulk solids or liquids.

Applicable Industries

Improve inventory management and stay on top of your supply chain.

Empowering information made safe and simple

  • Eliminates manual monitoring to save time and enhance safety
  • Remote or on-site monitoring via phone, tablet, or PC
  • 24/7 monitoring anywhere there’s internet access
  • Accurate, reliable bin information updates automatically
  • Automated alerts via email or text message
  • Historical reporting to optimize purchasing and logistics

Continuous level sensors that work with BinView

  • SmartBob II
  • 3DLevelScanner (3D Solids Scanner)
  • NCR-80, NCR-84, NCR-25, or NCR-30 80 GHz non-contact radar
  • All CNCR 80 GHz compact non-contact radars
  • GWR-2000 or GWR-3000 guided wave radar
  • SPL-200, FVL-200, or LL-100 laser level sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors used for liquid level measurement
  • Sensors of most any brand with 4-20 mA output or Modbus RT

Network components to streamline your system

  • Gateways to provide connectivity to an IP network or your control room
  • Long-range transceivers to transmit data up to a mile away
  • Analog expansion hubs to upgrade an existing system to the Cloud
  • HART consolidator modules to daisy-chain multiple HART sensors

Designed with the YOU-ser in mind

BinView's user interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

Customize your inventory dashboard selecting which columns are displayed and save views for future use. Instructions are built into the UI — displayed by hovering over an information icon.

To prevent data loss, popup warnings help ensure information is not unintentionally deleted. User access to specific information can be controlled to prevent unauthorized or unneeded changes from happening.

The mobile version of BinView® is optimized for use while in the field. Vessel, location, gateway, and account pages are simplified for quick viewing.

The power of QuickView

View your vessels in this clean, easy-to-understand graphical interface. Data refreshes every five minutes! See the vessel name or number, percentage full, location, material, vessel status, and the date and time the data was last refreshed. Filter to see only the vessels you need by alert status, material, or location.

Get push-button reports

  • Current tank readings or tank history
  • All locations or a particular location
  • Sort by vessel, material, or alert status
  • Set readings as distance to product, percent full, or volume
  • Specify date ranges to view usage trends over time

We've got an app for that

The BinCloud app makes inventory data fully portable. Manage inventory when in the office, plant, traveling, or working remotely.

Download it free! Get BinCloud® from Google Play or the App Store as part of your BinCloud® subscription.

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