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Battery-Powered Laser

No Power? No Problem!

Mount and power level sensors on silos without the complexity or expense of wiring. BinMaster’s single point laser installs quickly through a 1.5” NPT connection on silos or in remote locations where inventory monitoring has not been feasible. The sensors take interval readings from once per hour to once a day with a Lithium battery life of three to five years.

Sensors with Sensibility

  • Battery-powered simplifies installation and eliminates wiring
  • Replaceable batteries last 3 to 5 years depending on frequency of measurement
  • 5” NPT threaded mounting with fixed or adjustable mounting plates
  • Visible red laser for aiming that is safer than invisible laser
  • LoRa transceiver for long-range data communications up to 1 mile line-of-sight
  • Programmable time intervals for sending measurement data
  • Dust tube protects laser from buildup to minimize maintenance

Using Lasers with Software
to Monitor Inventory

BinMaster SPL-200 and FVL-200 have an integrated wireless LoRa long range transceiver to send data to a LoRa modem. Data measurements from the SPL-200 are transmitted to any BinCloud web application or Binventory software. Data from the FVL-200 is used exclusively with the FeedView application.

Use any of these BinCloud® web apps:


Get remote monitoring via your phone, tablet, or PC and 24/7 monitoring anywhere there’s internet access with any BinCloud service. Alternately, use Binventory software for LAN-based monitoring from a desktop PC. Both options provide accurate, reliable bin information that updates automatically after each measurement.

Get automated alerts via email or SMS text message. Historical reporting optimizes ordering and logistics. Never run out again!

Meet the Models


Single Point Laser

Powered by a replaceable Lithium battery, the SPL-200 measures bulk solids in silos up to 98 feet tall.  Use it in a low-dust environment for the best results.

Some industries that use the SPL-200:

  • Plastic granules and pellets
  • Dry chemicals
  • Pulp & paper processing
  • Human & pet food ingredients

FVL-200 FeedView Laser

The FVL-200 is designed for use in livestock feed bins up to 35 feet tall. It is compatible with the FeedView® and PitView® web applications. FeedView has custom features for growers to manage rations, project feed consumption, place orders, manage truckloads and delivery schedules, and can help monitor use of medicated feeds (VFD). PitView is used to monitor animal waste pits and lagoon levels.

LL-100 Laser Level Transmitter

The LL-100 laser level sensor is a wired sensor requiring power. It measures vessels up to 160 feet tall in a tight 1° beam, making it especially suitable for use in very narrow vessels or constrained spaces. It’s versatile enough to be used for level control, plugged chute detection, or monitoring buildup. This non-contact device can be used in liquids and low-dust bulk solids, pellets, or granular materials of all material dielectrics.

This laser level distance measuring tool is highly accurate up to +/- 1 inch and is resistant to reliability issues caused by surface angle, slope, texture, granularity, or material color. Its performance is unaffected by heavy vapors and pressure making it adaptable across a wide variety of industries and materials.

Things you will like about the LL-100:

  • Adjustable mounting flange flexible up to 10 degrees
  • Narrow beam can be directed to the output or bottom of the silo
  • Easily configured in the field using a USB port
  • Configuration can be performed without filling or emptying the silo
  • Integrated dust protection for minimal maintenance
  • Air purge option to keep lenses free of dust for reliable performance

3-Step Setup

FVL and SPL Sensors

  1. Install the Sensor: Cut a 2.5” hole in the silo. Then, choose from an adjustable 0° to 40° swiveling mounting plate or a fixed mounting plate with 0°, 5°, 10°, or 30° angle.
  2. Power and Aim the Sensor: Insert the batteries and aim the visible red laser to the desired measurement point.
  3. Connect to the Cloud: Connect the BinCloud® gateway to the internet via cellular or ethernet. You are ready to access data from any BinCloud web app or Binventory software.

All set! Ready for readings.

Adjustable and Fixed

Mounting Options

SPL/FVL-200 Fixed Mount

Fixed mounting kits for a 1.5” NPT connection include a welded mounting plate and a sealing gasket. Available in fixed angles of 0°, 5°, 10°, or 30°.

SPL/FVL-200 Adjustable Swivel Mount

Adjustable swivel mounting plates offer the ability to alter the angle from 0° to 40° to aim the sensor to the desired location.

LL-100 Flexible Mounting up to 10°

The LL-100 installs through a 2.5” process connection or a 4” flange connection on the roof of the silo or is mounted inside the silo on a bracket above the material being measured. To point the laser beam at the desired measurement point, simply loosen the clamp ring on the adjustable flange and aim the body of the sensor to the desired angle. Then, tighten the clamp ring to hold the desired position.

FVL-200 on bin with WiFi symbol indicating wireless capabilities

Simple: No complex connections or confusing wiring diagrams. The sensor just screws into a fixed or aimed mounting plate. Battery replacement is as easy as a flashlight.

Affordable: Eliminate wiring a power supply to the sensor. The cost of an electrician and wiring components can often double the cost of sensor installation.

Versatile: Omitting wiring allows sensors to be mounted virtually anywhere – outside a plant, in large facilities, or in remote areas–using long range LoRa communications.

Accessible: Sensor data is sent to a BinCloud web application where it can be viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop PC. Monitor inventory without climbing using automated high and low-level alerts.

Laser Level Transmitter Brochures

Laser Level Transmitter Manuals

Laser Level Transmitter Spec Drawings

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