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Laser Mounting Plates

Laser Sensor Mounting Plates

The SPL-200 and the FVL-200 FeedView® laser level sensors are both installed using a plastic SWVL-40 swivel mount with a 1.5” NPT female connector. The laser beam can swivel in one direction up to 40° so it can be aimed at the desired measurement point. For fixed mounting with no adjustment, you have the option of mounting kits in 0°, 5°, 10°, or 30°angles that include a welded mounting plate and a sealing gasket.

The LL-100 installs through a 2.5” process connection or a 4” flange connection on the roof of the silo or is mounted inside the silo on a mounting bracket above the material being measured. To point the laser beam at the desired measurement point, simply loosen the clamp ring on the adjustable flange and aim the body of the sensor to the desired angle. Then, tighten the clamp ring to hold the desired position.

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