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Digitize Agriculture Inventory

BinMaster helps ag cooperatives, millers, farmers, and agronomy companies affordably automate grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, and chemical inventory. Whether it's managing multiple vessels or sites, projecting future orders, optimizing storage capacity, or ensuring the availability of essential ingredients, BinMaster will make your job easier.

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Bin, silo, tank inventory system

Manage Inventory of Agricultural Products

Keeping up with the global demand for human and animal food is a constant challenge. You need accurate data if your business is growing, storing, or processing the harvest.

Stay in Compliance Simply

Get sensors and software that help you comply with government regulations such as USDA or FSMA. Set up and schedule reports to email automatically.

Scales to Any Size Operation

BinMaster offers complete systems to precisely manage inventory for one bin or a global operation. Discover the best way to measure levels and report in real-time to maximize profits when buying or selling.

Remote Monitoring

A group of bins down the road, multiple locations of a cooperative, a lagoon in a field … BinMaster can connect remote locations using wireless and solar solutions connected to cloud software.

Grain Bins

Grain Storage

Dust defying radar sensors measure bin levels continuously. 3D Level Scanners measure and map uneven topography in wide diameter bins with multiple filling and emptying points.


Compact radar level sensors are ideal for measuring chemicals and fertilizers. Levels of liquids or solids are updated continuously, so you can plan to have plenty on hand.


Feed and flour mills require sensors that measure despite heavy dust. An 80 GHz radar is extremely fast and accurate to ensure continuous processing and batch control.

Ag Cooperative

Measure any commodity in a BinMaster system. Grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, fuels … any bulk material that’s in a bin, tank, or silo can be continuously measured.

How can I optimize the agricultural supply chain?

Accounting: BinMaster's end-of-period reports provide accurate inventory valuation, allowing you to make informed financial decisions.

Purchasing: With automated usage reports, you can project future orders and ensure that you have the right amount of supplies on hand.

Storage: Optimization is crucial during harvest season. BinMaster's solutions help you fully utilize storage capacity and avoid costly overflows.

Manufacturing: Have the right ingredients on hand for smooth milling and feed operations. Ensure materials are in stock, preventing any disruptions in production.

Why is commodity inventory management important?

Volatile Markets: Commodity prices and availability can fluctuate. Buy and sell when the time is right can profoundly impact profitability and margins.

Product Shortages: Running out of a single ingredient can shut down a feed blending operation. BinMaster helps you prevent material shortages and out-of-stock situations.

Compliance Reporting: Generate USDA and governmental reports quickly and simply. You will know the data is timely and accurate, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Radar measurement of bin

Ag Equipment Monitoring

Companies in the agriculture industry face unique, and critical, challenges. Companies in the industry must adapt to ever-changing weather, commodity prices, international markets, and regulatory requirements.

Conveyors Power On/Off

Use level sensors and point-level indicators

  > Detect empty or overloaded conveyors

  > Minimize unplanned downtime, avoid costly repairs

Elevators Levels, Alerts

  > Level indication, empty or clogged grain legs

  > Alert to plugs in material handling system

Batch Control, Flow

  > Ensure flow has stopped to prevent cross-contamination

  > Confirm an ingredient is flowing for proper batch control

Truck & Railcars Scheduling

  > Know how many loads of grain on hand

  > Optimize scheduling of deliveries and drivers

BinMaster agricultural solutions provide a range of tools to tackle farm and livestock challenges effectively. They simplify commodity management, so you can easily and confidentially deal with weather, prices, markets, and regulations. 

How does BinCloud assist in inventory and logistics?

Estimating the number of trucks and railcars needed for shipping can be challenging in the shipping department. BinMaster's solutions give you the information you need to make smart choices, reducing delays and improving your shipping.

What are the key uses of agricultural inventory management software?

  • Grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, or chemical inventory
  • Projecting needs of chemicals, fertilizers, or fuels
  • Monitoring inventory at one or multiple sites
  • Push-button reports exported to excel or PDF
  • Reporting truckload capacity remaining in a bin or tank

How will my ag operation benefit from AgriView?

  • Current inventory on a phone, tablet, or PC
  • Automated text/email alerts for high/low levels
  • Alerts when a bin is full to prevent overfills
  • Quickly unload grain trucks into bins at harvest
  • Drivers, managers, purchasers all view bin levels
Grain Truck

Software tailored to agriculture


A farm-to-table bulk inventory solution for anyone managing large volumes of liquid or solid material stored in any type or size of bin, tank, or silo.


This feed management solution uses wireless, battery-powered level sensors for livestock operations without wiring access or power on feed silos.


A pit and lagoon monitoring system to save CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) time as they comply with state and federal reporting and regulations.


Any processing industry that wants inventory to be up-to-date and accurate, with everyone sharing the same information and reporting.

Videos for agronomy, feed mills, and farmers

SmartBob works like an automated tape measure, dropping a weighted cable to a material surface at timed intervals. SmartBob networks provide inventory control for up to 255 bins.

Point level switch alert when stored material contacts the instrument. Wire the switch to an alarm, light, or control panel to alert of a high or low level or to start or stop a process

Compact non-contact radar level sensors measure liquids or solids in vessels up to 26, 49, or 98 feet tall. Use them in smaller bins, tanks, or silos or where space is tight.

Agronomists use BinMaster radar-level sensors and cloud inventory software to obtain precise digital measurements of any liquid, solid, powder, or slurry.

Liquid feed used by livestock producers maximizes nutrition for their animals. Manage multiple vessels and sites located miles apart. Vendor managed inventory included.

Continuous & Point Level Sensors for Agriculture


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