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Everybody eats

Keeping up with the global demand for human and animal food is a constant challenge. You need accurate data if your business is growing, storing, or processing the harvest. Get sensors that help you comply with government regulations such as USDA or FSMA. BinMaster offers complete systems to precisely manage inventory for one bin or a global operation. Find the right solution for level measurement and real-time reporting to optimize profitability whether you’re buying or selling.

Companies in the agriculture industry face some of the most unique, and critical, challenges. Weather, commodity pricing, international markets, and regulatory demands seem to shift constantly, forcing companies in the industry to be more dynamic than ever before.


BinMaster solutions can help address challenges across many functional areas of your operations

  • Accounting: End of period reports for inventory valuation.
  • Purchasing: Usage reports to project future orders.
  • Storage: Optimize storage capacity during harvest.
  • Manufacturing: Have the right ingredients on hand for milling and feed operations.
  • Production: Prevent material shortages and out-of-stock situations.
  • Reporting: Accurate reporting for USDA and governmental purposes.
  • Shipping: Estimating number of trucks and railcars for inbound and outbound shipping.

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