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Tilt Switch Sensor

Affordable and reliable level detection

A tilt switch detects rising levels of solids or powders with a bulk density of at least 15 lb./ft.3. BinMaster’s electromechanical tilt sensors work by activating a relay switch when the device is tilted 15 degrees. When the relay switches, it alerts to a change in status indicated when wired to a light or horn or on a control panel.

A tilt switch is commonly used for high level detection in silos, over conveyor belts to protect against overloading, in open pits and over piles, or for plugged chute detection. These affordable level detectors are available for fixed or hanging mounting, with optional hazardous location approvals, and mercury-free compliance.

For affordable high-level or high-limit applications,
try a tilt switch!

Fixed Mount, Mercury-Free BM-TSM Tilt Switch

The BM-TSM is a mercury-free tilt switch. It has a non-powered, pendulum-type design for fixed mounting on the top of a bin or silo. It is used in powders or solids with a bulk density of at least 15 pounds per cubic foot. It features C/US Class II, Division I Groups E, F, and G, and ATEX Zone 21 hazardous location approvals.

Patented Design

A unique, non-powered design features a patented actuator element assembly that works by sensing angular motion to activate a microswitch. When the sensing probe is tilted to a 15° angle, it activates a contact closure that can be used for direct input to a control system or activate an external alarm such as a horn or light.

Custom-Built for Each Bin

The shaft of the BM-TSM tilt switch is custom-made in BinMaster’s Lincoln, Nebraska factory in lengths from one foot up to eight feet in length. You specify the length of the shaft based on the distance from the top of the bin an alert should be activated. Further customize the BM-TSM with either a paddle or sphere mounted at the end of the shaft.

How to Mount the BM-TSM

The BM-TSM is for fixed mounting on top of the bin. It installs through a 1-1/4” process connection. For angled roofs, there are 0°, 10°, and 30° mounting plate options available.

What’s to like about the BM-TSM

  • Uses a standard 1-1/4” process connection for mounting
  • Mechanical design means no electrical contact wires in the bin
  • Use in bulk solids or powders with bulk density greater than 15 lb./ft.3
  • C/US Class II, Div I Groups E, F & G, and ATEX Zone 21 hazardous location approvals
  • Wire it to a control system, external light, or horn for alerts

Suspended BM-T Tilt Switch

The cost-effective BM-T tilt switch level indicator is used to detect high levels of large, heavy materials when mounted in a bin or silo. This electromechanical device is also used as a high limit sensor when positioned over open piles or conveyor belts.

Mounting the BM-T

Suspend the tilt switch over a control point using a wire rope, chain, or flexible hanger capable of supporting the tilt twitch plus any paddle extension, if one is used. For secure installation and safety, do not hang the device by its electrical cable.

Paddle Extension for Solids

An 18” stainless steel shaft and paddle extension is used in rock, aggregate, and bulk solid material with a bulk density of over 30 lb./ft.3.

Sphere for Light Materials

For light powders and bulk solids under 30 lb./ft.3, a plastic sphere is attached to an 18” steel shaft.

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