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Guided Wave Radar

The guided wave radar level transmitter provides highly accurate, continuous level measurement utilizing time domain reflectometry (TDR) to measure the distance, level, and volume of solid or liquid material contained in bins, tanks, and silos.

How Guided Wave Radar Works

Guided wave radar sensors utilize time domain reflectometry (TDR) to continuously measure the distance, level, and volume of powders, solids, or liquids.

The transmitter emits a high frequency microwave pulse guided along the cable. When the pulse reaches the material surface, the pulse energy is reflected up to the sensor head. Level is calculated based on the time difference between the pulse being sent and the reflected pulse received.

What Affects Guided Wave Radar Measurements?

Not much!

BinMasters guided wave radars perform reliably and are immune to dust, humidity, temperature, pressure, and bulk density changes as well as noise that might be present when filling or emptying the vessel.

This along with comprehensive diagnostics allows our radars to be highly reliable and maintenence free.

Mounting Options

The transmitter is mounted on the top of the vessel in an unobstructed area through a 1-1/2” NPT opening or 3” ANSI flange. A single, flexible 8 mm or 4 mm stainless steel cable with a counterweight is suspended from the transmitter to the bottom of the vessel.

BinMaster offers 0°, 5°, 10° and 30° powder coated carbon steel mounting plates for flat and angled roofs. For sanitary applications, a flat 0° stainless steel mounting plate is available.

Simple Setup

BinMaster’s guided wave radar is easy to set up using a simple, timesaving BinDisc interface with optional Bluetooth that can be moved from sensor to sensor, so you only need one BinDisc to set up all your sensors.

GWR Models

Guided Wave Radar for Solids


BinMaster’s GWR-2000 is for level measurement in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of ± 0.08 inches (2mm). This sensor has a very small upper dead zone and assures highly accurate level measurement in powders and solids with a dielectric constant as low as 1.3. It has 4 -20 mA and Modbus RTU communication options and is compatible with your HMI or PLC, as well as BinCloud web applications or BinMaster's Binventory LAN-based software program.

What’s Great About the GWR-2000

  • Measures distances up to 100 feet with 0.08” accuracy
  • For light and heavy solids or powders with dielectric down to 1.3
  • Immune to steam, condensation, buildup, and virtually maintenance free
  • BinDisc module with optional Bluetooth for simple setup and configuration
  • Choice of 4-20 mA and Modbus RTU communications
  • Variety of optional hazardous location approvals available
  • Works in challenging conditions like high dust, air movement, or excessive noise

Where the GWR for Solids is Used

The GWR-2000 provides continuous level measurement for inventory control in powders, granules, pellets, and other bulk solids. It can be installed and performs equally reliably in vessels constructed of plastic, cement, or steel.

  • Grain, milling, pet food, animal feed, or seed
  • Food processing and ingredient silos
  • Plastic pellet, flakes, or powders with a dielectric down to 1.3
  • Cement and the materials used to make it
  • Lime storage and chemical manufacturing
  • Wood pellet manufacturing centers
  • At paint factories In vessels containing pigment powders

Guided Wave Radar for Liquids


The GWR-3000 is a guided wave radar designed specifically for liquid applications. It continuously measures the level in vessels or standpipes at distances up to 75 feet with accuracy of ± 0.08 inches. It is offered with either a cable or rod customized to the depth of the vessel.

This level sensor measures all types of liquids including those with steam, vapor, foam, condensation, or those prone to residual buildup. The sensor delivers precise and reliable readings for both level and interface measurements.

GWR-3000 Excels in Liquids

  • Single chamber or double chamber housings in plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Available with protection ratings up to IP 68 (1 bar)
  • Modbus, 2-wire 4-20 mA, and 4-wire 4-20 mA electronics options
  • Models for use in ordinary locations or with hazardous location approvals
  • Wetted parts are made of stainless steel for durability in caustic liquids
  • Seals are made of FKM, FFKM, or EPDM for longevity over the life of the sensor
  • BinDisc module with optional Bluetooth ensures simple, time-saving, and reliable setup
  • Comprehensive diagnostics eliminate downtime and maintenance-friendly operation

Applications for the GWR-3000

The GWR-3000 guided wave radar is used for level measurement in liquid storage tanks or standpipes. It is frequently installed for tank metering at tank farms. It can measure separation layers for interface measurement in tanks, bypass tubes, or standpipes. It will report the distance to each layer by detecting the difference in specific gravity between the two fluids.

Tank and Separator Types:

  • Ammonia storage tanks
  • Bitumen or liquefied gas
  • Ethanol storage tanks
  • Anhydrous ammonia storage tanks
  • Water separators in the paper industry
  • Level and oil/water interface measurement in separators at petrochemical plants
  • Steel mills
  • Chemical plants
  • Food manufacturers
  • Flavoring and fragrance makers
  • Metal recyclers
  • Metalworking and finishing
  • Waste transfer facilities
  • Industrial wastewater treatment systems

GWR-2000 & GWR-3000 Brochures

GWR-2000 & GWR-3000 Manuals

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