BinCloud on Laptop and iPad with NCR-80

Simple Inventory

Leave climbing bins and complex spreadsheets in the past. Transform silo inventory with visual views, text and email alerts, and push-button reports.


BinMaster is your source for level measurement sensors and inventory management software.

BinMaster has level instruments that measure bulk solids or liquid levels of any material bulk density, dielectric constant, or specific gravity.

Find level switches for point level measurement such as a rotary paddle bin level indicator, capacitive level switch, vibrating probe, pressure switch, or tilt switch.

BinMaster level controls is your direct source for your next radar level sensor, guided wave radar, or ultrasonic level sensor for continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring software including the BinMaster 3D level scanner.

Learn here how to measure silo levels, monitor inventory in tanks, and perform grain bin measurement using cloud inventory.


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