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Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The SmartSonic ultrasonic level sensor is designed for continuous non-contact level measurement in liquids. The sensors are used to monitor levels in storage tanks and open basins or containers. Its transmitter features a high efficiency, narrow beam and uses a wide frequency bandwidth to enhance operation in difficult applications. SmartSonic liquid level sensors perform particularly well in harsh environments where vessel temperatures vary, using a temperature sensor to automatically compensate for temperature changes. Its transmitter range allows for level readings from 0.4 to 60 feet in water tanks and other liquid applications.

How Ultrasonic Works

This distance sensor transmits ultrasonic pulses from a transducer to the surface of a liquid. They emit sound above the human hearing range to detect echoes off a material surface and convert it to a distance using “time of flight.” Smart signal processing eliminates unwanted echoes to ensure accuracy. They offer built-in temperature compensation and self-cleaning operation in liquids up to 60 feet.

Sensor Mounting

BinMaster’s ball & socket mounting flange is ideal when the sensor is mounted on a rounded, domed, or angled rooftop. This optional self-aligning, carbon steel, 3” swiveling flange provides a vertical connection and enables easy aiming flexibility to reduce the risk of false echoes.

Model Selection

Power PacVoltage
SS20012-28 VDC Loop Powered
SS30012-30 VDC
SS400115 VAC
SS430230 VAC

Ultrasonic Features

Flexible, Scalable System Design

Configurable for a flexible number of sensors, relays, current loops, and PC or PLC interfaces

Select from Multiple Voltages

Sensor power options include 115 VAC, 230 VAC and 12 to 30 VDC

Measuring Range Options

Variable measuring range options from 4 inches to 60 feet

Simple Calibration

Calibration is performed via simple push button, or with a communication port using a PC

Machined Enclosure

Precision machined—not molded— electronics enclosure ensures there are no voids to interfere with operation

Temperature Compensation

Built-in temperature sensor automatically compensates for temperature changes, ensuring consistent measurement accuracy

RS-485 Communications

Sensors can interface directly with a PC allowing for data monitoring, parameter changes, and sensor diagnostics

Self-Cleaning Operation

High energy cleaning pulses eliminate buildup or condensation on the sensor’s transducers

Sanitary Applications

A sanitary model with higher temperature tolerances and a stainless steel face is available for applications where sanitary standards apply

Ultrasonic Brochures

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Ultrasonic Spec Drawings

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