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Power everywhere

Bridge distances and obstacles with a BinMaster solar-powered system. This solution provides remote power due to vessels far from a power source without the expense of wiring or electricians.

BinMaster solar is ideal for cement plants, mining operations, and agricultural cooperatives or large farms spread across long distances or across railroad tracks.


4 simple steps to a solar system

Solar power systems made simple! It’s easy to monitor cloud inventory for every vessel regardless of location or no power access.

  1. Install a 50-watt solar panel.
  2. Select your level sensors.
  3. Get your solar gateway.
  4. Access inventory from BinCloud.

Solar panels provide power

BinCloud Solar System starts with a rugged 20”x24”x1" 50-watt solar panel mounted on a wall or optional pole. BinMaster can help you find the optimal location to mount your panel.

The 50-watt solar panel charges the lithium solar power battery inside the enclosure. This battery powers two level sensors and the BinCloud solar communications gateway.

The system needs about 3 hours to charge out of the box or after prolonged dreary weather.


BinCloud solar gateway

BinCloud Solar Gateway solar-charged controller receives measurements from level sensors and sends measurements to the BinCloud inventory management software.

The lithium battery charged by the solar panel stores the power to run two 4-20 mA level sensors and the gateway. If four level sensors are needed, an additional battery is added within the enclosure.

The BinCloud solar gateway is housed in a 14”x12”x6” NEMA 4X enclosure. It’s built for outdoor environments and is UL-50 / cUL Listed, NEMA Type 3, 3R, 3S, 4, 4X, 6/6P, 12 & Marine Use, and IP68 certified.

Level sensors for solar

Use any loop-powered 4-20 mA sensor with your solar system. The CNCR-100 and CNCR-200 series non-contact radar is ideally suited for continuous inventory management of solids or liquids.

To optimize battery life, schedule sensors to take measurements once per hour.


Cloud Inventory Management

BinCloud inventory management software is cloud software accessed from a phone or PC. There is an annual charge per level sensor per year.

Set up of your inventory management system and upgrades are free.

Want to be connected to inventory for every vessel? Talk with a BinMaster guru about your system.

Fast quotes, friendly people. Here to help!

Solar Accessories

Anywhere power for 4-20 mA level sensors

Solar Gateway

BinCloud Solar Gateway receives measurement from level sensors and send it to BinCloud software. The Gateway holds a special Lithium battery to deliver power to your sensor.


Solar Panel

BinCloud Solar System starts with a rugged 50-watt solar panel is 20x24x1" and can be mounted on a wall or optional pole. BinMaster can help you find the optimal location to mount your panel.

Pole Assembly

Panels could be mounted to existing structures, you might choose the mounting pole assembly (5-foot-tall) which bolts to the ground.


Flat Bracket for Solar Panel

The solar panel can be mounted to a flat surface or to the optional pole with this bracket.

Sun can power level sensors. Check the introduction video for BinMaster solar.

Solar Brochures

Solar Manuals

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