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DPM-400 Digital Panel Meter

Loop-powered digital display

The DPM-400 loop-powered digital panel meter allows you to install a local display console where you need it. No power, no problem. It is powered by an existing 4-20 mA loop, making it an ideal inventory management solution for any of your 4-20 mA sensors.

It features a dual-line alphanumeric LED display with a 0.7” tall 5-digit top line and a 0.4” tall 8-digit bottom line. A common level sensor setup shows input by scale on the top line (such as feet and inches) and a description on the bottom line (such as silo number). Choose from a general-purpose decimal display, a decimal display with a bar graph, or a feet and inches with a bar graph display. 

DPM-400, Digital Panel Meter, Inventory Management
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