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SSMP-1 Ball and socket mounting flange


SSMP-1 - Self-aligning carbon steel 3” ball and socket flange provides vertical connection for tanks with a radius dome or angled roof top, provides easy aiming flexibility.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor: Monitor clear water or challenging liquids

Continuous non-contact measurement in liquids in tanks and open containers.

Need to measure clear or opaque liquids accurately?
Looking for a sensor requiring little power and simple design?

An ultrasonic level transmitter has a small dead zone, is maintenance free, and has a long, hassle-free service life.

How it works:

Ultrasonic pulses above the human hearing range are transmitted to a liquid surface. The echoes are converted to a distance using time of flight.

Why you will like it:

  • Multiple voltage choices of 115 VAC, 230 VAC or 12-30 VAC
  • Variable measuring range options from 4 inches to 60 feet
  • Push button calibration or use a PC communication port
  • Seamless, precision machined enclosure protects electronics
  • Build in temperature compensation for reliability
  • High energy cleaning pulses eliminate buildup, cleaning
  • Sanitary model with high temp tolerances and SS face

Inventory Management
Ensure adequate supply for production, prevent material shortages.


Remote Monitoring
Manage inventory while in the plant, while traveling, or away from the office.


Vendor Managed Inventory
Engage suppliers in replenishing the supply chain to optimize purchasing.

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