SmartBob Pipe Extensions

Model: SBPE

SmartBob pipe extensions are an optional feature for the 3" NPT SmartBob II mount to extend the SmartBob seat through obstructions such as standoff pipes or insulation. The pipe extension keeps the sensor probe from being pulled up into the standpipe, acts as a bushing, and prevents the cable from fraying on sharp objects if the sensor probe should swing while taking a measurement. It also helps keep the sensor probe flush with the top of the bin. 

Extension pipes are available in CPVC, galvanized, or stainless steel – with the stainless steel pipe featuring a Teflon cable guide. The pipes are available in custom lengths from 4 inches to 20 feet. Longer extensions can also allow the SmartBob II remote to be mounted on a catwalk above a vessel with the sensor probe extended down to the vessel top. 

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