Heat Tubes for High Temperature Applications

Model: BMRX or MAXIMA+

When the external temperature outside the bin exceeds 140°F (60°C), an optional heat tube can be added to distance the electronics of a rotary unit away from a heat source. Heat tubes can also be used to extend the rotary beyond insulation on the outside of the bin. For top or side mounted applications with either the BMRX or MAXIMA+, heat tubes are available in 6", 8”, or 12” lengths in either aluminum or stainless steel.

Rotary Filling the Bin
Rotary: Filling the Bin
Rotary Emptying the Bin
Rotary: Emptying the Bin
Replacing Rotary Motor
Rotary: Replacing the Motor
Half-Coupling Side Mounting
Rotary: Half-Coupling Side Mounting
Half-Coupling Mounting Plate
Rotary: Half-Coupling Mounting Plate
Full-Coupling Top Mounting
Rotary: Full-Coupling Top Mounting
Full-Coupling Mounting Plate
Rotary: Full-Coupling Mounting Plate
Insertable Extended Rotary
Rotary: Insertable Extended Paddles
Inserting Collapsible Paddle
Rotary: Inserting the Collapsible Paddle
Rotary: MAXIMA+ LED Light
Setting MAXIMA+ Time Delays
Rotary: Setting MAXIMA+ Time Delays
Flexible Rotary Shaft Couplers
Rotary: Flexible Shaft Couplers
Attaching Rotary Coupler
Rotary: Attaching the Rotary Coupler
Removing Rotary Cover
Rotary: Removing the Cover
Extended Rotary Components
Rotary: Extended Components
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