Capacitance Probe for Hazardous Locations


The PROCAP IX and IIX capacitance sensors feature CSA Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups E, F, & G ratings. Suitable for challenging environments where there is a risk of explosion, they detect high or low levels in vessels used for volatile material storage. They function by detecting the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing minute changes (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air. They feature interference-free operation, simple calibration, and fail-safe functionality and perform accurately even in dusty, sticky, or clinging materials. A vast assortment of probes and extensions make these point-level capacitance probes highly customizable for a variety of solid, liquid, and slurry materials.

  • Point level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials
  • Used in bins, vessels, tanks, chutes and conveyors where an explosion rated sensor is necessary
  • Plastics, chemicals, coal, fly ash, concrete, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, feed, grain, mining, foundries, wood or paper processing, many other materials
  • Explosion proof design for Class I hazardous location applications
  • “Quick-Set” simple calibration
  • Triple thread screw-off cover
  • Dual conduit entrance
  • Unsurpassed sensitivity 0.5 pF
  • PRO-Shield compensates for material buildup
  • Operates below RF range, temperature stable calibration and protection from RF interference
  • Fail-safe, switch selectable high/low
  • Adjustable time delay to 30 seconds
  • Optional sensing probes: Delrin or Teflon sleeved, food grade, flush mount, solid and flexible extensions

PROCAP IX Power Requirements: Universal power supply 24 to 240 VAC/VDC

PROCAP IIX Power Requirements: Selectable 115/230 VAC

Output Relay: DPDT 10 Amp at 250 VAC

Ambient Temp: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)

Process Temp: To 250°F Delrin probe (121°C); to 500°F Teflon probe (260°C)

Pressure: 500 PSI Approvals & Certifications: Listed for Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups E, F & G Hazardous Locations

Enclosure Type: NEMA 4X, 5, 7, 9 & 12

Housing Enclosure: Die cast aluminum, USDA approved powder coat finish

Mounting: 1-1/4” NPT or 3/4” NPT 316 SS standard; 1-1/4” NPT 316 SS & sanitary flange optional