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Standard Vibrating Probes

Standard Vibrating Probe

Point Level Sensor

A vibrating probe—also known as a vibrating level switch—is a point level sensor used as a high and low-level indicator or plugged chute detection. BinMaster offers a selection of vibrating level sensors that come in a standard length. The VR-21 has a unique, buildup resistant, sword-shaped probe and can also be used for sediment detection. For sanitary applications, select the VR-31 with a SS fitting and tri-clover clamp. The VF-90 is a vibrating fork level switch with a stainless-steel fork and optional hazloc approvals. The VR-90 has a round rod and can be manufactured for hazardous environments. The SHT-120 is for high temperatures up to 482°F (250°C).

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