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Vibrating Probes

Vibrating Probe

Point Level Sensor

Vibrating probes operate reliably despite changes in dielectric constant, humidity, or material density. They work in light, fluffy powders and flakes with bulk densities as low as 1.25 pounds per cubic foot. Use this versatile point level detector for high and low-level indication, hopper levels, or plugged chute detection.

Get vibrating probes with flexible or rigid extensions custom-made for top-mounted applications. Use high temperature probes for process temperatures up to 482°. For food or pharma, select stainless-steel fittings and tri-clover clamps for sanitary operations. The SED measures settled sediment in brine or liquid tanks. A round vibrating rod or vibrating fork comes with optional hazloc approvals. Compact models fit in tight spaces and small hoppers.

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