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NCR-84 80 GHz Radar level sensor for liquids


The NCR-84 is an 80 GHz radar used for continuous, non-contact level measurement in liquids. It is designed specifically for precise, reliable measurement in challenging conditions specific to liquids such as excessive steam, vapor, condensation, or surface foam.

The signal is focused in a very narrow beam angle, allowing for precise
aiming to avoid obstructions in the tank such as agitators, mixers, fittings, or heating coils. The NCR-84 is also appropriate for use in tanks with turbulent product surfaces, viscous media, and slurries.

NCR-84: 80 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Liquids

A level sensor using a narrow beam and precise signal focusing to deliver precise level measurement in liquid tanks up to 98’ tall.

Processing liquids in challenging environments, aggressive materials, or sanitary applications?
Dealing with excessive steam, vapor, condensation, or surface foam?

Get a powerful non-contact radar that’s easy to setup and configure using the BinDisc interface. Use the BinView® cloud inventory app or Binventory® software for simple access to inventory data from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

The narrow beam NCR-84 excels in all this:

  • Turbulent product surfaces, viscous media, and pastes
  • Liquid storage tanks containing aggressive or volatile materials
  • Small vessels or space-constrained areas, such as in pilot plants
  • In mixers, blending tanks, or vessels with agitators
  • Transport containers for chemicals and additives
  • Tall and narrow vessels with obstructions
  • Vessels with changing pressure such as carbonated beverages
  • Tanks for processing, mixing, or storing edible liquids or pasty foods
  • Processing and storage tanks from crude to finished products

These NCR-84 options make it all happen:

  • Threaded, flange, and hygienic versions
  • Plastic antenna option for low pressure or temperature ranges
  • Threaded 1-1/2” version to mount in existing small process fittings
  • Process fittings as small as ¾” for small tanks and mounting sockets
  • Hygienic and 3A options for food and pharmaceutical industries

Precise signal focusing means high accuracy for your liquid tanks!


Inventory Management
Ensure adequate supply for production, prevent material shortages.


Remote Monitoring
Manage inventory while in the plant, while traveling, or away from the office.


Vendor Managed Inventory
Engage suppliers in replenishing the supply chain to optimize purchasing.


Storage Dome Monitoring
Monitor conveyed or truck loaded materials in large storage structures.


Pile Monitoring
Manage pile height, size, and volume of bulk materials.

More Information
Means of MeasurementRadar
Measurement TypeContinuous Level
Voltage 12-35 VDC
Ambient Temperature-40°F to +176°F (-40°-to +80 °C)
Process TemperatureUp to +400°F (204°C)
ApprovalsCSA/US Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups E, F & G, CSA Class II, Groups E, F & G, Contact factory for latest updates.
Enclosure TypeIP 66, IP 67, IP 68
Enclosure MaterialDie cast aluminum, Plastic, Stainless Steel
Mounting1.5" Threaded NPT
Conduit Entry0.75" NPT
Range98 ft. (30 M)

Mounting Plates


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