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Mini-Rotary 110 VAC with single-vane, SS rectangular paddle


MR-I-110 - Mini-Rotary 110 VAC with single-vane, stainless steel rectangular paddle, complete with SPDT contacts. This economical and compact mini rotary paddle level indicator is designed for controlling material levels in smaller bins and hoppers where other types of equipment simply won't fit.

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Mini rotary for small bins, hoppers, or feeders

Compact point level indicator detects and alerts to high or low material levels.

Need to prevent hoppers from running empty? Have limited space for a level switch?

Great for smaller vessels that contain powders and dry bulk solid materials.

How it works:

A motor rotates the paddle until material rises and stops the paddle which activates a relay switch that sends an alert—via a light or horn–to notify the operator of bin status.

Mini rotary versatility:

  • 110 VAC, 220 VAC, or 24 VAC voltage
  • 4-vane polycarbonate paddle ideal for pellets, granules, and light to medium bulk solids
  • Insertable bayonet polycarbonate paddles for simple installation
  • Durable single vane, stainless steel rectangular paddle for denser materials
  • Adjustable motor torque sensitivity to adapt to a variety of materials

Overflow Prevention
High level alerts to avoid over-filling vessel


Material Outages
Low level alerts eliminate empty conditions


Plugged Chutes
Detect when chutes are clogged with material


Process Control
Switching relay to turn a process off or on


Conveyor Overload
Prevent jamming or damaging conveyors

More Information
Means of MeasurementRotary Paddle
Measurement TypePoint Level
Voltage 110 VAC
OutputsRelay SPDT
Ambient Temperature-4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Enclosure TypeNEMA 1
Enclosure MaterialPlastic

Mount Plates

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