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Mini Capacitance Probe for Liquids


A compact sensor for level measurement and pressure detection for water-based liquids in sanitary and hygienic applications.

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Mini capacitance probes: Point level detection for small spaces

You have smaller bins and tanks, space is constrained, and need process control. This compact sensor is great for level measurement and pressure detection for liquids or solids in ordinary environments and in sanitary and hygienic applications.

Three models to cover your small vessels:

MCP-100 for Liquids: Use in water-based liquids in sanitary and hygienic applications

MCP-200 for Solids:  For bulk solids with hygienic options for food and pharmaceutical processing

MCP-300 with Extensions: Customized with a stainless-steel tube extension in lengths from 2.5” to 9.8”

What you get with a BinMaster mini capacitance probe:

Simple setup. Wireless Bluetooth on your phone or programmed on a PC.

Visual alerts. Colorful LED, status display with adjustable coloration.

PLC integration. Connects to a control system using an IO-Link

Hygienic connectors. Stainless steel fittings in a variety of sizes.

Where you might find the point level detector helpful:

  • Dry or wet hoppers
  • Water and chemical storage tanks
  • Pump rooms
  • Filtration and separation vessels
  • Tank feeders

Places and products that use compact sensors:

Food and beverage. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Beer, soft drinks, and juices.

Water purification. For bottlers of drinking water, beer, soft drinks, or juices for human consumption.

Pharmaceuticals. Sanitary processing of liquids used for prescription and OTC medications or supplements for people or animals

Milling. Detect when the hopper is empty. Avoid outages that can lead to undue wear on equipment. Ideal for wet or dry milling.

Pump rooms. Protect pumps against water damage caused by water leaks


Overflow Prevention
High level alerts to avoid over-filling vessel


Material Outages
Low level alerts eliminate empty conditions


Plugged Chutes
Detect when chutes are clogged with material


Process Control
Switching relay to turn a process off or on


Conveyor Overload
Prevent jamming or damaging conveyors

More Information
Means of MeasurementCapacitance
Measurement TypePoint Level
OutputsIO-Link, NPN/PNP
Ambient Temperature-40°F to +158°F (-40° to +70°C)
Process TemperatureUp to +240°F (116°C)
Enclosure TypeIP 66, IP 67, IP 69
Enclosure MaterialPlastic, Stainless Steel
Conduit Entry0.5" NPT, 0.75" NPT, 1.0" NPT


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