Data Monitoring - eBob
BinCom module
BinView software
BC-400 attached to SmartBob
BinCom for SmartBob

Data Monitoring

BinMaster data monitoring solutions are designed to get sensor data where it is needed. For some users, it might mean getting data to a console, PC, or mobile device. For other operations, it’s to a PLC or HMI. Every operation is a little bit different, which is why BinMaster offers professional consultation and a wide variety of solutions. Some are for a WAN, LAN or VPN where customers want their data to reside locally. Others are cloud-based so there is anytime, anywhere data access via an Internet connection. BinMaster has an evolving suite of communications devices, display consoles, locally installed software, and web-based applications to build a data monitoring solution to fit individualized needs.