Self-Contained Ultrasonic Sensor to 50 Feet


Suitable for large liquid tanks, the IRU-3430 ultrasonic sensor features a large and powerful transducer with a sensing range from 1.5 feet up to 50 feet. It has a robust 3" NPT fitting and 4-20 mA output that can be used to relay a signal to the internet. It is highly accurate to ±0.25% of detected range. IRU-3430 ultrasonic sensors are suitable for hazardous locations and are classified under CSA Class 1, Div. 2, Groups A, B, C, & D.

It features full-featured programming software for quick and easy programming in a variety of application settings. The AutoSense option can be used to automatically adjust the blanking, sensitivity and pulse parameters to their minimum, optimum settings based upon the signal strength of the return echo. The benefit of Autosense is that it ensures the most reliable level measurement readings for steady and slow moving targets, which is characteristic of many liquid tank applications. The Autosense option can be turned on and off based upon the requirements of each application.

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