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IECEx/ATEX 3D Level Scanner - MVL - for multiple scanner systems


Now in stock! IECEx/ATEX 3D Level Scanner - MVL is for use in multiple scanner systems that include the 3D visualization feature. It features a 7.67” diameter horn, 20-36 VDC, 4-20 mA output, Modbus, and RS-485 communications.When used in a multi-scanner system, it provides accurate readings of level and volume for stored materials based on two or more synchronized MVL units.

The multiscanner system provides an analog output which represents (as a default value) the overall volume of the contents of the entire silo. Unit comes with internal LCD display and 3DVision software. A controller (purchased separately) calculates volume and unifies the visualization by integrating data from multiple scanners. Appropriate for silos up to 200’ tall. Hazardous location approved for European Union and global applications.  One-year warranty.

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Multiple-Scanner System: Measure Volume in Big Bins

The MVL system integrates multiple-point measurement data from two or more 3D scanners to cover a very wide surface area to estimate inventory volume in large diameter bins.

Need to measure volume in large diameter bins?  Would 3D visualization help you better manage bulk materials?

Multiple point measurement from multiple scanners is synchronized to provide a cohesive view of irregularly piled material.

What you get with 3D MVL:

  1. Significantly increased inventory accuracy in very large, wide silos
  2. A 3D visual that shows sidewall buildup, peaks, and valleys of material
  3. Software to estimate volume and provides minimum, maximum and average distances
  4. Continually updated information and alerts to optimize material management

3D MVL systems are popular in:

  • Grain silos including 105s or million-bushel bins
  • Large, covered grain storage facilities
  • Ethanol facilities with large bins of corn or DDGS
  • Bins or bunkers of coal, fly ash, or limestone at power plants
  • Large clinker, cement, or limestone silos at cement manufacturing plants
  • Wide soybean silos used in biodiesel production
  • Animal feed stored in large silos, bunkers, or warehouses
  • Bins storing fertilizer or sand
  • Mining operations with silos or stockpiles of limestone or ores
  • Large domes of bulk raw sugar
  • Ports with large storage silos and domes
  • Covered domes or bins storing salt

Inventory Management
Ensure adequate supply for production, prevent material shortages.


Remote Monitoring
Manage inventory while in the plant, while traveling, or away from the office.


Vendor Managed Inventory
Engage suppliers in replenishing the supply chain to optimize purchasing.


Storage Dome Monitoring
Monitor conveyed or truck loaded materials in large storage structures.


Pile Monitoring
Manage pile height, size, and volume of bulk materials.

More Information
Means of Measurement3D Acoustic
Measurement TypeContinuous Level
Voltage 20-32 VDC
Outputs4-20 mA, MODBUS protocol, RS-485
Ambient Temperature-40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Process TemperatureUp to +176°F (80°C)
Enclosure TypeIP 67
Enclosure MaterialDie cast aluminum
MountingMounting Flange
Conduit Entry0.5" NPT
Range200 ft. (61 M)

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