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FeedView Software


FeedView feed inventory management software combines wireless, battery-powered laser level sensors with cloud inventory software for growers and feed mills to manage livestock feed.

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Automatically measure bin levels, project consumption, record the use of medicated feeds, and know when to schedule deliveries...anytime, anywhere with FeedView®.

How FeedView® benefits you:

Reduce paperwork. Save time. FeedView provides a centralized location for detailed information and historical data.

No more feed outages, lost productivity, or downtime. Automate and get up-to-date inventory tracking, online ordering, and more.

Securely store your data in the cloud. Then get easy to access from any device – whether in the office, in the barn, or on the go.

Safety defines all BinMaster products. Protect your most valuable assets, your people, when you automate feed management.

Improve biosecurity. There’s no need to leave a secure building to go outside and check bin levels which reduces the risk of tracking in contaminates. Simply open FeedView or the BinCloud® on your laptop, phone, or tablet and you’re done.

Need to clean a bin? Make a repair? Vacuum it out? The ability to track levels and estimate days until empty ensures you are better prepared to do just that.

Affordable and scalable. From a single barn to national producers, FeedView is a cloud inventory solution that can grow with your needs.

  • Feed mills manufacturing & delivering feed.
  • Poultry breeding, hatching and growing facilities
  • Hog farrowing and finishing operations
  • Dairy farms with milking cattle or goats
  • Remote monitoring via phone, tablet, or PC
  • 24/7 cloud inventory anywhere there’s internet access
  • Alerts via push notification via text or email
  • Highly scalable for one or many bins for one or multiple operations
  • Easily adaptable for single or tandem bins
  • Accurate, reliable bin information updates automatically
  • Reduces manual labor to save time and enhance safety
  • Historical reports optimize purchasing and audits

Wireless or wired data communications network

BinCloud®Gateway to provide connectivity to an IP network

FeedView® and/or PitView® web application accessed from the Internet

Sensors for continuous level measurement

Sensor Compatibility

  • SmartBob
  • 3DLevelScanner (3D Solids Scanner)
  • NCR-80 or NCR-84 Non-Contact Radar
  • CNCR Compact Non-Contact Radar
  • GWR-2000 Guided Wave Radar
  • SPL-200, FVL-200, or LL-100 Laser
  • SmartSonic Ultrasonic
  • Sensors with 4-20 mA output or Modbus RTU
FeedView Brochure (861.05 kB)

Handle poultry, pig or cattle feed without rolling containers.

Feed inventory on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Calculate the ROI of automating your feed inventory system.

Container monitoring on the FeedView BinCloud platform.

A laser-level sensor that works with batteries to measure power containers.

Simply create a new font group in FeedView.

What is BinCloud?

How to use BinCloud software

BinCloud Demo and Tour

Manage BinCloud from your phone

Vendor managed Inventory with FeedView

Network devices for level sensors and monitors

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