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Extended Rotary: Tailored to your application

Custom-made in days!

The BMRX series and fail-safe MAXIMA+ can be customized fast with options competitors cannot match.

So many choices:

  • Rigid galvanized and stainless-steel extensions as well as flexible extensions for lump material
  • Horizontal extensions for thick bin walls and side mounting plates
  • Stainless steel process connections, heat tubes, and an ATEX option for special applications
  • 19 different paddle types including insertable, collapsible paddles
  • Roof mounting plates for 0°, 10°, 20°, and 30° roofs and an adjustable top mount

Whether for routine MRO or a new rotary application, let our sales team get your new rotary customized for your point level needs!


Overflow Prevention
High level alerts to avoid over-filling vessel


Material Outages
Low level alerts eliminate empty conditions


Plugged Chutes
Detect when chutes are clogged with material


Process Control
Switching relay to turn a process off or on


Conveyor Overload
Prevent jamming or damaging conveyors

More Information
STEP-BMRX-100 (1.49 MB)

Mount Plates


Introductory video about BMRX-100 Rotary Indicator.

Introductory video about rotary paddles.

How to wire a light to a rotary paddle.

How to change a motor on a BMRX rotary paddle.

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