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DD1000 - 115 VAC - Dust Detect power pac


DD1000 - 115VAC - Dust Detect power pac single piece, triboelectric broken bag detector, 115 VAC

Dust Detection: Triboelectric particulate level monitor

The Dust Detect 1000 monitors the amount of particulate emissions and alerts users to abnormalities or changes in preset emission levels.

Want to know when to replace baghouse filters?
Need simple, reliable particulate matter monitoring?

Single device dust detector alerts to changes in emission levels.

How triboelectric technology works:

When moving particles collide or pass by the probe in close proximity, a small electrical charge transfers from the particulate to the probe. Dust detect converts the charge to a particle emission signal. When the signal surpasses a preset level, it activates an alert.

Things to like about Dust Detect 1000:

  • Emission readings are averaged, not smoothed, to eliminate false alarms
  • Electrical noise is filtered out to provide reliable performance
  • Pre-warning indicator alerts to potentially hazardous situations
  • Instantaneous alarm or one-minute averaged readings
  • Easy set-up and 2 SPDT relay outputs

Save time, money, and material loss:

  • Baghouse leak detection to optimize filter replacement
  • Monitor particulate in stacks, ductwork, of filtration systems
  • Dust escaping through cartridge filters, bin vents, and cyclones
  • Early warning leak detection enhances employee safety

Where dust detection gets installed:

  • Minerals and mining operations to detect excessive dust
  • Processing of powdered chemicals and plastics
  • Wood, pulp, and paper facilities to protect employee health
  • Food processing under compressed air conditions
  • Utilities and power plants for fly ash or carbon black
  • Smelting and casting of aluminum and metals
  • Incinerators burning trash and process waster

Protect when you detect with proven triboelectric technology!


Dust Detection
Monitor the presence of particulate matter and alert to dangerous levels

More Information
Measurement TypeMaterial Management
Voltage 115 VAC
OutputsRelay SPDT
Ambient Temperature-22˚F to 150˚F (-30˚C to 65˚C)
Process TemperatureUp to +240°F (116°C)
Enclosure MaterialDie cast aluminum
Mounting1.25" NPT


Dust detect for particulate monitorng.

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