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NCR-84 Non-Contact Radar

Precision in aggressive liquids

The NCR-84 radar level sensor provides reliably continuous level measurement in clean and clear or dark and dirty liquids.

  • Performs accurately despite excessive steam, vapor, condensation, or surface foam
  • Appropriate for tanks with turbulent product surfaces, viscous media, and slurries
  • For tough applications like liquefied feeds, resins, fuels, oils, fats, asphalts, and syrups
  • Precision aiming to easily avoid agitators, fittings, heating coils, or other obstructions
  • Threaded, flange, and hygienic versions and versatile mounting options
  • Plastic antenna option for use in low pressure or temperature ranges

The NCR-84 is compatible with BinCloud® web applications and Binventory® software for simple inventory access from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

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