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3D Extensions

3D Level Scanner Mounting Extensions

Prevent signal loss in silos with structure

Is there cross-bracing, ladders, or structure in the top of your bin or silo? If so, it may cause interference with signal processing for the 3D Scanner. The solution is to use a mounting extension to extend the 3DLevelScanner transducers down into the silo to avoid obstruction of the acoustic wave signal.

The extensions are available in 2’, 4’, 6’, and 10’ lengths using either a galvanized pipe or stainless-steel pipe and connecting cable to lengthen the neck of the device. To save on shipping, you have the option to buy a kit and supply your own pipe. The kit will include the top and bottom machined fittings and the connecting extension cable fabricated to the length ordered.

Get your kits here for signals free and clear.

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