Wireless Systems

Reduce the cost and complexity of installing your inventory management system using BinMaster’s wireless systems. Easily programmable, compact devices replace wires with over-the-air technology. Compatible with a wide range of BinMaster level sensors and most any sensor with a 4-20 mA output, these devices offer countless scalable configurations for any size plant.

BinCloud® Gateway

The BinCloud® Gateway receives measurement data from level sensors and sends it to your control room, BinView®, or Binventory® software.

LoRa Transceiver

Model: LTR-100

The LoRa Transceiver—LTR-100—is a wireless device used to connect sensors with a 2 or 4 wire 4-20mA output to a BinCloud® Gateway using long range radio technology. The LTR-100 is a low-cost option for connecting analog sensors to a gateway used to access BinView® or Binventory®data from the cloud.

Analog Expansion Hub

Model: AEH-100 / AEH-200

The analog expansion hub—AEH—was designed to simplify setting up an analog sensor network.

Hart Consolidator Module

Model: HCM-100

The HART Consolidator Module—HCM-100—was developed to easily connect multiple sensors using the HART protocol to the BinCloud Gateway®. It can accommodate up to 15 HART v7 enabled sensors in a daisy-chain (multi-drop) sensor network wiring configuration.