Non-Contact Radar for Liquids

Non-contact radar continuously measures a variety of liquids in all conditions, including challenging environments, aggressive materials, and sanitary applications. Non-contact radars are easy to setup and configure using the BinDisc interface and are compatible with the BinView® web application and Binventory® software for simple access to inventory data from a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

80 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Liquids

Model: NCR-84

The NCR-84 is an 80 GHz non-contact radar level sensor designed for precise, reliable performance in challenging liquid conditions such as excessive steam, vapor, condensation, or surface foam.

26 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Clean Liquids

Model: NCR-25

The NCR-25 continuously measures water, fuels, oils, and other free-flowing, clean liquids.

26 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Agressive or Hygienic Liquids

Model: NCR-30

The NCR-30 continuously measures aggressive liquids such as asphalt or syrups or liquids in sanitary environments.

26 GHz Non-Contact Radar for Liquids in Small Vessels

Model: NCR-21

The NCR-21 is a low cost non-contact radar sensor for standard measuring applications in liquids in small vessels less than 26 feet.