BinMaster's magnetostrictive level sensors are continuous float level transmitters used in a wide variety of liquids. They are an ideal fit in rigorous applications requiring a heavy duty sensor with a simple setup and long lifespan. These sensors feature Class 1, Div 1 hazardous location certifications, and the sensor design allows monitoring of both top and interface levels with a single sensor, making it easy to measure oil and water interface levels inside production tanks.


Magnetostrictive Level Sensor for Harsh Environments

Model: MPX-R

The MPX series magnetostrictive level sensors provide extremely accurate and repeatable level readings in a wide variety of liquid level measurement applications from water to harsh chemicals.

Magnetostrictive Level Sensor for Constrained Spaces

Model: MPX-E

With its compact float design, the rugged MPX-E liquid level sensor is designed for use where space is constrained or limited. 

Modbus Network Display

Model: MND

The MND is a local Modbus display capable of providing display functions to remote Internet-connected sensors or acting as the Modbus master in an exclusively local application.



Compatible with an array of BinMaster and other Modbus sensors, the web-based BinView application allows for easy remote inventory monitoring of multiple vessels at multiple locations. 

Analog Input Display Module

Model: SSCM

This display module can be used with level sensors to enable convenient reading of up to five bins at a single location.